Jurassic Park
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Continuity mistake: When they first land on the island, the actors' positions change. In the interior shots, Satler is sitting to Hammond's left during the descent. When the copter door opens, Hammond is on the other side, his left side facing the door. They would not have switched places during the descent.

K.C. Sierra
Jurassic Park mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the T-Rex is approaching, the lawyer runs into the bathroom stall and the roll of toilet paper is mounted horizontally. After Ian runs towards the bathroom away from the T-rex, in the shot of the panicked lawyer as he shuts the door the toilet paper is now mounted vertically, but when the T-Rex knocks down the stall walls, leaving the lawyer sitting out in the open, it is again mounted horizontally.

Continuity mistake: When Ellie is turning on the circuit breakers she turns on "Herbivore Feeding Compound", "Visitors Cntr. Compound", "Visitors Cntr. Control Rm", and goes to press "Visitors Cntr. Tour". In the next shot of her she presses "Visitors Cntr. Control Rm." and "Visitors Cntr. Tour" again.

Jurassic Park mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the T-rex breaks out, on the first car, the one with the kids in it, only the regular headlights are on. When it goes over the "cliff" all the headlights are on.

Factual error: Near the beginning, at the "Montana Badlands" dig site of Drs Grant and Sattler, a large shrub identifiable in several shots is creosotebush, a warm-desert plant that doesn't grow anywhere near Montana. Could this be California?

Gregory Forbes

Audio problem: In the kitchen scene, the instant the first velociraptor hops up onto the counters, it knocks off a large metal pot. There is no sound of it hitting the ground.

Jason Sieberg
Jurassic Park mistake picture

Other mistake: When Grant and the children are up in the tree, as Tim is telling his jokes the camera pans out and we get a wider view. In this shot you can see that Grant's boots are spotlessly clean, which is highly unlikely given the muddy ground, wet environment and his activities over the past few hours.

Audio problem: When the T-Rex is looking at the kids in the Explorer and suddenly makes her screaming sound, the kids jump and put their hands over their ears. But if you watch Tim, he doesn't make any reaction to the noise for about two seconds, then jumps like it just started.

Jurassic Park mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the T-Rex first breaks out of her paddock, she walks between the two Explorers which look to be only a short distance apart- maybe one or two T-Rex-steps between them. But later when the T-Rex is by Grant's Explorer and walks to the one with the kids in it (when Grant is saying "Turn the light off") she has to take about five steps to get there.


Audio problem: In the scene at the end when they're in the ceiling then the raptor hits the roof top so it breaks and Lex almost fell to the ground. Well she's always screaming but look closely at the very moment when she falls, her lips don't fit at all.

Visible crew/equipment: When Hammond and Muldoon enter the control room with the weather report look to the right of the door. The dark camera is visible in the reflection and it moves away as they walk by.

Visible crew/equipment: When Tim is following Grant before they start the vehicle tour,Tim sits in the first car.Look to the right of the door frame and you will see a dark shadow get larger.This is obviously the camera.When Grant finally shuts the door the large shadow is even more visible.

Revealing mistake: When Grant tells Lex and Tim about the breeding he then gestures to the dinosaurs' footprints. Some of the footprints are very square in shape and have obviously been stamped in the ground.

Jurassic Park mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Hammond watches the vehicles leaving the visitor center the first car is passed the main steps. In the next shot of the car, they are just moving past the steps.

Continuity mistake: Just after Gennaro suggests a coupon day at Lunch the camera goes to Hammond then back to Gennaro.In the change from Hammond back to Gennaro,Malcolm's head changes directions from facing left to right.

Continuity mistake: In the scene just after the T-Rex snorts Dr Grant's hat off you can see him and Lex with their backs almost right against the overturned Ford Explorer. The T-Rex then butts upside down vehicle causing it to spin, only now, they have nearly a 3 foot head start.

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Continuity mistake: When Sam Neill found the eggshells beside the root of the tree, they are on the dark soil. In the other shot, the same eggshells are on the clear sand.

Jurassic Park mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene Jophery is being attacked by the dinosaur in the cage and Muldoon is holding onto him while the workers shock the dinosaur. Muldoon's hat is on in one shot, then the camera cuts and it is off while the camera is dollying forward, then it is on again. This happens just as he is about to shout "SHOOT HER! SHOOT HER!"

Continuity mistake: When the T-Rex has come and nearly destroyed the car, Grant is trying to get Tim and Lex out of the car. Lex then screams and this causes Grant to turn around and cover her mouth. They are sitting on one side of a tyre on the car when Grant has his hat on. In the next shot (when the T-Rex has blown Grant's hat off) they are on the other side of the tyre.

Revealing mistake: When Ellie runs from the Raptor the stunt double who runs for her has on a wig that looks nothing like her real hair. It just looks very fake.