Air Buddies

Air Buddies (2006)


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Bud-dha: I think that was Dalai in Llama.
Mudbud: Dude, he's a goat.

Sniffer: That was all before Molly moved in across the street, and Buddy fell head over tail in love with her. It was enough to make my heart skip a beat.

Bud-dha: Mrs. Niggles is finding her inner peace. She's falling asleep.
Budderball: I don't know about my inner peace, but I want a piece of that pie.

Belinda: Oycottbay aconbay.

Wilma: No matter how far from home you stray, the love you hold is here to stay.

Denning: Do you mind not violating Highway Code 401?
Grim: Just wanna see why dogs like it.

Bud-dha: Running away from our troubles isn't going to solve our problems.
Mudbud: Yeah, but at least we'll all still be together.
Bud-dha: That's an astute observation.

B-Dawg: It's not the size of the puppy in the game, it's the size of the game in the puppy.

Budderball: That's the wierderdest grape juice ever.

Denning: Those are our puppies! They're not as cute as you are dumb.
Grim: Well, they are cute.

B-Dawg: Sure. Send B-Dawg out as the decoy. I don't remember drawing the shortest straw.

Bud-dha: True north is the way to go.
B-Dawg: Bro, I'm glad you were paying attention when Noah was taking his geography class.

Budderball: Sweet dreams about cookies, and candy, and ice cream, and cookies. Did I mention cookies?

Bud-dha: I'm meditating. I'm absorbing positive energy.
Budderball: I'd positively like to absorb a Pop-Tart.

Bud-dha: I'm sensing true north is this way.
B-Dawg: Well then, your sensing compass is busted, Dawg, cause we just came from that way.

B-Dawg: Do we really have to go in there?
Rosebud: Don't tell me you're a fraidy cat.
B-Dawg: Them is fighting words! I ain't no furball spitter.

Spinkel: The cabinet is 200 years old, and that is not dog years.

Budderball: Can we stop for lunch?
B-Dawg: Why don't you stop thinking about your stomach for once?
Mudbud: Why don't you stop thinking about yourself for once?

Rosebud: Sniffer? More like Snorer.

Continuity mistake: Denning and Grim get tied up and hung in front of the screen at the drive in movie. That night, their arms are free and flailing, but the next morning, their arms are tied down.

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