Air Buddies

Continuity mistake: Denning and Grim get tied up and hung in front of the screen at the drive in movie. That night, their arms are free and flailing, but the next morning, their arms are tied down.

Continuity mistake: The first night (the day of the nanny), the puppies are asleep in the basket and Rosebud's head is hanging over the side of the basket. In the next shot, her head is hanging over the front of the basket.

Continuity mistake: Grim falls on Denning, causing him to fall face first in the mud in the pig pen. When Denning stands up, he wipes his face with his hands, but there is still a lot of mud on his face. After they climb out of the pig pen and walk into the barn, Denning still has mud on the side of his head, but the mud is off the front of his face.

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Bud-dha: I think that was Dalai in Llama.
Mudbud: Dude, he's a goat.

Belinda: Oycottbay aconbay.

Bud-dha: Running away from our troubles isn't going to solve our problems.
Mudbud: Yeah, but at least we'll all still be together.
Bud-dha: That's an astute observation.

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