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Corrected entry: In real life, Crawford could not have been retried for murder at the end. Double jeopardy means you can't be retried for the same event under a different charge. If you could, then whenever someone is acquitted of first degree murder, prosecutors would just retry them for second degree murder, then third degree murder, then voluntary manslaughter, etc.


Correction: Double Jeopardy does not apply because Crawford was tried on two different crimes (not different degrees of the same crime). He was never charged with murder during the first trial because Jennifer, his wife, was still alive (although on life support). He was tried on attempted murder. After the plug was pulled and she died, Crawford was then charged with murder because her death was a direct result of being shot. Someone can be charged with a different crime involving the same event, even after being acquitted of one of them. If Jennifer survived, was put on life support, made a recovery, but then died of an infection later, it's unlikely the D.A.'s office would charge Crawford with murder in that scenario (or if they did it's unlikely he would be convicted).


Corrected entry: Just before the final court appearance, detective Nunelly has the bullets in the evidence room swapped to match a planted gun in the shed under the lawn mower at Ted's house. At the end of the movie, Willie says that since Ted has killed his wife by removing life support he can now access the bullet in her brain and it will match the detectives' gun. So now he can prosecute him for murder, but there is a problem. It won't match because the bullets were swapped by the detective's friend who works in the evidence room.

Correction: Nunally's gun is still the same, and the bullet in Jennifer's head does still match with the gun. The shells that was swapped would not match with the gun, but the bullet would. The bullet was in her head and would be much more important evidence than some shells that could have been planted there (by Ted or anyone else) for some reason.

Corrected entry: Midway through the movie, Anthony Hopkins calls Ryan Gosling at Hopkins' office. Hopkins could not possibly know the exact moment Gosling would be at Hopkins' office because Hopkins was in jail at the time.

Correction: This is a case of we don't know what was happening behind the scenes. Hopkins could have been trying a few times his office to check and see if Gosling had stopped by. Hopkins would know that Gosling would visit his office at some point to try and ascertain any possible evidence. Lucky perhaps, but it doesn't contradict anything to confirm it being a mistake.

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Corrected entry: Anthony Hopkins' entire scheme is based on the exact LAPD officer who is having an affair with his wife being the single officer who enters his home to arrest him. Per the LAPD website, on 08/29/08, there were 9753 sworn officers in the LAPD. Wrong officer responds and the entire scheme fails.

Correction: Hopkins asked for the detective. If you listen carefully before the detective entered the house, he was told that Hopkins was specifically asking for him before anyone else.

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Corrected entry: Crawford shoots his wife and then fires 4 shots through the glass. But throughout the movie there are only references to 4 shots being fired and 4 shells being found.

Correction: That's right, they found 4 shells, and the gardener heard four shots. The gardener most likely miscounted how many shots he heard, as under stress that is easy to do. There were no eyewitnesses to the shooting to suggest there were more than four shots fired.

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