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Corrected entry: Hoagie, Michael and Jake are aware that the shark is present. Yet Hoagie lands the plane in the sea and Michael and Jake get out and swim to the boat.


Correction: You've never landed a plane next to a boat in the sea, which they actually did a sea landing and the pilot did a good job to, doing that next to the boat was to dangerous and you would need an exceptionally good pilot. Hoagie also says that the plane would attract the shark giving them plenty of time to make the short swim. Everything in that scene story wise was a huge gamble.

Correction: There was another way to save Ellen. They could have landed closer to the boat. Then they could climb on the plane, walk on its wing and jump onto the boat. Swimming to the boat was way too risky.

Correction: How else were they going to save Ellen?

Corrected entry: When Ellen and Thea are building a sand castle, Ellen is standing looking out at the ocean. Then it shows a close-up of Thea asking her what's wrong and there is a can of soda front of them. When it cuts to Ellen coming back to Thea the can is gone. (00:27:20)

Mortug Premium member

Correction: The can of soda is not gone. I watched that part 2 times just to be sure.

Corrected entry: Right at the end of the movie when the shark has been killed, Ellen Brodie screams 'Michael', meaning her son, to which Michael Caine replies 'I'm over here'.

Correction: He actually says "Come over here", referring to some debris he's clinging to.


Corrected entry: Why does the shark EXPLODE when it gets stabbed by the boat in the end?

Correction: The shark exploded when the boat hits the bomb that they rammed into its throat earlier.

What bomb? It was a transmitter of electromagnetic energy designed to shock it. That's why there are multiple endings to this stupid movie: an explosion of that nature - along with a robbed scene from the first film - is ridiculous for a little shock tool being hit by the boat ram. Just dumb from every angle.

Corrected entry: Ellen Brody had flashbacks from scenes in the original Jaws movie where she wasn't present. Also she has a clear memory of the attack on Sean in the beginning of Jaws 4, even though she wasn't present there as well.

Correction: What we see is how Ellen pictures how things went, they are not meant as flashbacks of things she has seen. Plus right after Brody and his son Sean are done mimicking each other, the camera cuts to Ellen standing there with a cup of coffee in her right hand watching the whole thing right before the doorbell rings and Matt Hooper arrives.

Corrected entry: When the shark comes near Michael's scientist friend under water, it doesn't attack him. A few shots later, the shark is biting the wood. It shows blood in the water. Where did the blood come from? No one got killed.

Correction: The blood comes from the shark. I can't see a shark chewing and breaking wood and not getting cuts and huge splinters, etc.

There is no evidence that shark's mouth was injured when it was biting the wood. Its mouth has no wounds in later scenes.

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