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Jaws 4 (1987)

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"The" shark attacks Thea Brody, Ellen's granddaughter, and kills one of her friends. Enraged, Ellen steals Mike's boat and sets out toward a showdown to the death with the great white responsible for the deaths of her son and husband. Mike returns to find his and Jake's wives and the shocked Thea. When he realizes that his mother has gone, he sets out on a "rescue mission" with Jake. Mike and Jake find Hoagie (the pilot), and borrow his plane to search for Ellen. Ellen encounters the shark and it attacks her boat, nearly killing her, but Mike, Jake, and Hoagie find her. Mike and Jake make it on to the boat with Ellen, but Hoagie is dragged into the water along with his plane. But no! Hoagie is still alive (though he never does explain how) and crawls onto the boat. Mike and Jake begin putting together an electrical weapon to kill the shark, but before it's completed, Jake is attacked by the shark and dragged off through the red water. Enraged once again, Ellen returns to her near-catatonic state, not responding to Mike or Hoagie. Ellen takes the wheel, and the shark leaps into the air, roaring on its tail for about three seconds (!?). With memories of her husbands face-off with the shark in "Jaws", Ellen speeds toward the shark and plunges the mast of the boat through the shark's jaws, killing it. The boat and the shark explode (!?!) and everybody lands in the water. Surprise! Jake is somehow still alive and rises to the top of the water. Ellen returns to Amity.

Ben Wallace

Continuity mistake: Michael Caine is knocked overboard into the water, but manages to climb back into the boat - when he reaches the deck, his clothes are perfectly dry.

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Trivia: In the third film Michael Brody did a whole lot of welding and dated a marine biologist. In this film he is studying to be a marine biologist and his wife does a lot of welding.

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Question: How is the shark exactly killed?

Answer: When Bruce IV eats Mario Van Peebles, it also eats a device that they use to give it an electric shock by remote control. This makes it leap out of the water. The last time they do this, the long pole on the boat's bow impales it.

Grumpy Scot

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