Animal House

Plot hole: How on earth can Bluto and his mate not know that the exam paper they are completing is different to the one they stole and studied for? They'd have to study for it - what's the point of stealing it otherwise? It is not a multiple choice exam - they are seen writing answers out in full. How can they not notice that the questions (and therefore the answers) are different to the ones they memorised? Why do they have to be told later that someone 'stole the wrong exam paper'? In order to make such a mistake they would have to be illiterate, not just stupid -.and as the closing sequence makes clear the Delta House fraternity members aren't even stupid - they are just lazy.

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Suggested correction: The answer lies in your submission. They are lazy, when they stole the exam, they looked up the answers and then memorized only the answers and not the questions. When taking the exam they did not bother to read the questions, just fill in the answers that they memorized.

ctown28 Premium member

As a teacher I have seen smart kids cheat off others because they too lazy to study, or studying wasn't a priority. One student was copying the answers from another student, but obviously couldn't read her writing and on a question about what what a certain group of people ate, she wrote "clouds."


In the case of Animal House, the Deltas had stolen what they believed were the answers to the exam, not knowing that the Omegas had planted fake answers in the trash.

Charles Austin Miller

The Deltas didn't look up the answers. They stole what they thought were the answers to the exam, not knowing that the Omegas had planted fake answers in the trash. So, the exam looked exactly the same, but the Deltas memorized the fake answers.

Charles Austin Miller

Suggested correction: The Deltas weren't trying to steal a copy of the exam for study; rather, they stole what they thought was a copy of answers to the exam. However, the Omegas planted a modified set of answers in the trash, which Bluto later retrieved from the dumpster. So, the exam would look exactly the same with the same questions, but the Deltas had memorized the wrong answers.

Charles Austin Miller

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