It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
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Continuity mistake: Just after the briefcase with the money has been dug up, whilst Benjy is saying "Everybody's gonna get something, so no arguments cause we all get an equal share", Meyer is shown holding onto the briefcase with both hands on each side. It then cuts to a closer shot of Meyer, where his left hand is now shown touching the money. (02:16:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Culpeper and Emmeline approach the others whilst they are digging up the money, Finch is shown saying "Faster, faster, dig, dig" whilst holding onto a shovel. His left hand is shown holding onto the socket section of the shovel at first, but when the camera cuts to a closer angle of him, his left hand is now shown holding the blade of the shovel. (02:13:32)

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Continuity mistake: Just as Culpeper is about to turn around the road leading up to the park, Meyer appears and drives up the same road. When Meyer begins driving up the road, Culpeper's black car can be seen at the bottom of the road. A shot focusing on Meyer driving up the road is then shown, but Culpeper's car cannot be seen in the background shown outside the back window. (02:04:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Ding and Benjy are landing the plane, in the shot of Ding saying "Benjy, here comes a restaurant", the view outside the plane is slanted, revealing that the plane is at a tilted angle. When the plane is shown crashing into the restaurant in the next shot, it is perfectly level with the ground. (01:58:57)

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Continuity mistake: Whilst Ding and Benjy are trying to land the plane, the man in the control tower falls over the edge of the tower and is shown tangled up in a microphone wire, hanging below the tower. In the first wide shot, the microphone he was using is shown dangling below him. Then in the following shot much closer to him, the microphone is suddenly in his hand. (01:58:10)

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Continuity mistake: Just after Ding and Benjy have taken off in the plane, a sheriff helicopter is shown following them. In the wide shot, the man sitting on the right has both hands on his lap, but in the next shot, his left hand is suddenly holding a radio that is raised to his mouth. (01:16:45)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dick Shawn and all the characters find the box of money under the big W, Shawn has just thrown Jonathan Winters out of the hole so he would have room to work. But in the next five edits, Winters is both in the hole helping Shawn struggle with the box and is also shown standing outside the hole observing himself along with the others.

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Ding Bell: Ah, this is hopeless. We're gonna get noplace if we're gonna continue listening to this old bag.
Benjy Benjamin: What are you trying to do, lady? You trying to split us up so it becomes every man for himself?
Ding Bell: ...And every woman for HIMself?
Mrs. Marcus: One more funny remark from you, buster.

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