It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Plot hole: In the beginning of the movie, all of the cars turn to the left to head south. However, the map at the police station indicates that they had to turn to the right to go south.

Plot hole: The police are kept aware of the status of everyone going after the money, by having helicopters follow them and monitoring what they are up to from above. However, they seem to be fully aware that the Crumps are locked in the basement of the hardware store, something that would be fully out of their reach. Even if they watched the Crumps go into the hardware store, they would have no view of what was going on inside the store, so there would have been no way for them to know if they went into the basement or if they got locked in the basement. Also, later on in the movie, the police are told that the Crumps set a fire in the basement, then set off fireworks, but they still didn't get out. Something that would have been impossible for the authorities to know if they were reporting from outside the store. (01:14:50 - 01:42:15)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dick Shawn and all the characters find the box of money under the big W, Shawn has just thrown Jonathan Winters out of the hole so he would have room to work. But in the next five edits, Winters is both in the hole helping Shawn struggle with the box and is also shown standing outside the hole observing himself along with the others.

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Sylvester Marcus: I'm coming. That's what I'm here for. That's why you had me, Mama, to save you.

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