It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Trivia: Phil Silvers almost drowned whilst filming the scene when he drives his car into the river because he couldn't swim.


Trivia: Arnold Stang broke his left forearm just days before his scenes were shot.


Trivia: The Sid Caesar blowtorch scene was done 85 times before they got it right.


Trivia: Peter Falk ad-libbed most of his dialogue in the cab scene.


Trivia: About 80 stunt performers worked on this film.


Trivia: The Three Stooges have a cameo as fire fighters at the airport where the twin engine plane makes an emergency landing.

Trivia: Only one of the 4 palm trees that make up the "W" still remain.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dick Shawn and all the characters find the box of money under the big W, Shawn has just thrown Jonathan Winters out of the hole so he would have room to work. But in the next five edits, Winters is both in the hole helping Shawn struggle with the box and is also shown standing outside the hole observing himself along with the others.

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Sylvester Marcus: That's my mommy. She's gone crazy or something. maybe rape! OH.

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