Night at the Museum

Revealing mistake: When the T-rex launches the table away, a couple of papers on it don't move a single inch, revealing they're glued to the table.

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Sacha Premium member

Revealing mistake: In the park after the bad guys have been defeated and everyone starts returning to the museum, watch the T-Rex closely. In the overhead shot, he seemingly "floats" right through the branches of the trees which he normally would be moving.


manthabeat Premium member

Revealing mistake: Towards the beginning of the film when Ben Stiller looks at the photo at him and his son, you can see that the photo is a fake. Ben and his son cast a shadow on the shadow behind them.

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Revealing mistake: Obvious fake snow when Cecil runs away and the cowboy shows up in the remote controlled car.

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Sacha Premium member

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Larry: This is so not worth $11.50 an hour.



When Larry does the magic trick with the disappearing handkerchief, the amount of coloured handkerchief visible out of his thumb changes massively between shots.



At the unemployment office, when Larry Daley (played by Ben Stiller) speaks to Debbie he says that he felt a connection with her when he first walked into her office and with a deadpan face she quips back that she did not. Debbie is played by Ben Stiller's real-life mom, actress and comedian, Anne Meara.