Night at the Museum

Corrected entry: During the scene where the civil war guys are fighting, if you look at Sacajawea in the background, she is just a statue.

Correction: Given that this is the beginning of the night, and things in the museum do not all come to life at the same time, (for instance the T-Rex comes alive before anything else), she may be a few minutes away from coming to life.

Corrected entry: When Larry and Cecil first enter the Egyptian pharaoh's tomb, Cecil mentions that the pharaoh has a 24 carat gold tablet. These purities weren't achieved until more than 4000 years after the tablet was supposedly crafted, in industrial times. (00:16:25)


Correction: The tablet was created with magic. Normal 24k gold doesn't make museum exhibits come alive, does it?

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: There is a snake in the Hall of African Mammals, when it is a reptile.

Correction: I have been to the Museum of Natural History many, many times. Many times, different animals are added to the dioramas just for effect and for scenery. There are fish in some of the displays in the bird exhibits as well.

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Corrected entry: After Dexter bites Larry in the face, there are no bite marks on his nose.

Correction: He's a playful, and obviously very smart, monkey. He wasn't biting to maim, just to tease.

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Corrected entry: The Roman leader depicted in the Ancient Rome display is Octavius. The Coliseum, which is also featured in the display, was built more than sixty years after his death.

Correction: It's a diorama. The museum is creating a scenario, not depicting a historical event.

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Corrected entry: There are two objects which are "remains" of something that was actually alive: Rexy the T-Rex skeleton and King Ahkmenrah. If during night time King Ahkmenrah gets his body back to its original state, why is it that the Tyrannosaurus does not, and is instead running around as a skeleton?

Correction: Because the T-Rex did not enter the museum with everything. The King was mummified, he had his organs, skin, etc. Rexie doesn't have that with him to bring it back to life.


Corrected entry: Attila the Hun needs Ahkmenrah as a translator since he cannot communicate in English. Yet he understands Larry's untranslated talk about Attila's childhood and even bursts into tears.

Correction: Atilla almost certainly speaks some English, having spent every night for fifty some years among English speaking individuals. Plus, Larry was using crude sign language during much of this speech. I'm sure he'd have been able to get the gist.

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Corrected entry: During the second night one of the three cavemen gets trapped outside and turns to dust. But the following night, all three cavemen are back.

Correction: There are actually 4 neanderthals at first, not 3.

Corrected entry: If the Civil War soldier feels pain on the first night when he is stabbed and stuffing comes out, then why doesn't Teddy Roosevelt feel pain on the last night when he is ripped in half by the carriage?

Correction: We can assume that the soldier did not actually feel pain, but was just reenacting a battle scene. Many figures seem to keep reenacting their place in history over and over, like Lewis and Clark.

Corrected entry: The director chose to have one character in the movie that was dead, not a mannequin. If everyone is actually a mannequin except for the Egyptian prince wouldn't he only come to life (not come to life and be repaired by getting all his skin and organs back)? I know the magic does not "repair" him back to the way he was because the bandages he ripped himself off were still old and decrepit.

Correction: As pointed out in another correction: Inanimate objects such as bowls and knives, or in this case, cloth wrappings are not affected by the "magic." Only formerly animate, or representations of animate objects, come to life. So there is no reason the Prince should not have got his skin and organs back.

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Corrected entry: When Larry loses his keys to the monkey he tries to grab the instructions with his foot. During this shot there are masks behind him that are not alive when everything else already is.

Correction: These are inanimate objects, so they would not come to life. Figures like the jade lion come to life, but artifacts like knives and bowls do not. The masks must belong to the latter category.

Corrected entry: T. Roosevelt tells Larry that he's just a wax statue and not a reincarnation of TR. Later on though Rebecca talks to Sacajawea like she's the real person.

Ian Hunt

Correction: Character decision, not a movie mistake.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the film many valuable things are not behind anything to protect them, for instance, the tablet of Achmenrah, the Easter Island head, the Civil War costumes, and the dinosaur skeleton. Even if these are just replicas then why is Sacajawea (a worthless mannequin) behind glass?

Correction: Sacajawea is a part of an extensive display. It's likely that some parts of the display were artifacts (ie. clothing, Lewis and Clark's boat) and needed to be protected.


Corrected entry: Robin Williams says that if any of the exhibits escapes the museum, all of the exhibits turn to dust when the sun comes up. When the caveman escapes and the sun comes up, only the caveman turns to dust and none of the other exhibits are affected.

Correction: Robin Williams says that only the exhibit left outside will turn to dust.

Corrected entry: When the air is escaping from the tire, the wind blows away some of the people. Jedediah is closer to the rushing air but his hat doesn't even get knocked loose.

Correction: This would make sense because as a figurine the hat would be attached to his head. Coming to life at night wouldn't necessarily "unglue" his hat from his head.

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