Night at the Museum

Other mistake: When Larry takes Jed back to his miniature city, in the shot where the T-Rex almost hits Larry, watch Teddy's' horse. His head moves, following Larry and the cameraman. This cannot happen as the horse and Teddy had been already transformed into statues. (00:42:00 - 00:43:00)


Other mistake: When Larry crosses the street, when going to the museum for the first time, the traffic light for pedestrians is red the entire time. Yet he and other pedestrians casually cross the street (he even stops for a bit) while the yellow cabs don't make any attempt at driving off (although their light should be green). Although there's a small gap between one light turning red and the other turning green, it takes close to 10 seconds while nobody appears to be in any rush.


Other mistake: In the very first scene of the movie where Larry finds his car ticketed and the left front tire booted by the police, there is no padlock on the boot itself.

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Larry: This is so not worth $11.50 an hour.



When Larry does the magic trick with the disappearing handkerchief, the amount of coloured handkerchief visible out of his thumb changes massively between shots.



At the unemployment office, when Larry Daley (played by Ben Stiller) speaks to Debbie he says that he felt a connection with her when he first walked into her office and with a deadpan face she quips back that she did not. Debbie is played by Ben Stiller's real-life mom, actress and comedian, Anne Meara.