Night at the Museum

Factual error: During one of the first scenes with Teddy Roosevelt he has a small "2" on his collar above his Cavalry crossed sabers. However, his "Rough Riders" were in the 1st Cavalry Regiment. Later in the movie he's wearing the correct "1" there. (00:36:20)

Kevin Flatley

Factual error: When Larry is running away from Attila the Hun into the elevator, he pushes both hall buttons (up & down). When the elevator is descending, the indicator shows him going down from the top floor. The top floor only has a down button. Also, in that type of Otis elevator, when both buttons are pushed, the up light goes out first, indicating the elevator is answering an up call. The doors would recycle to answer the down direction before the down light would go out.

Factual error: The tablet was said to be 24kt gold. Something of that size in gold would be very heavy, but the kid carries it around like it has very little weight to it.

Factual error: The movie is set in the New York Natural History Museum, and there is a T-Rex skeleton in the movie. However there is no T-Rex skeleton in the Natural History Museum. There is a model T-Rex and a T-Rex skull, but no full skeleton.

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