Casino Royale

Continuity mistake: During the Miami Airport chase, just after the tanker has been shot, it swerves across and hits one of the following police cars. At 48.44 you see the tanker from the front with one front wheel almost perpendicular to the axis of the truck whilst the other is relatively parallel. This indicates a broken track rod which would render the vehicle undrivable. (00:48:45)

Factual error: A metal suitcase with USD 100 million in cash would not be able to float on water - the weight would simply be too great to overcome the buoyancy effect of what little air might be trapped in the small space remaining.

Jacob La Cour

Factual error: During the nail gun fight in the sinking building one may have a nail gun's safety removed (I own one) in order to fire in rapid succession however, there is no battery pack or air hose attached to charge it to allow it to fire. Also, the nails used were the incorrect size (too large) for the gun and the heads of the nails were not the type used in any nail gun. There should be a notch in the head to allow the nails to lay on top of each other in the nail magazine.

Other mistake: In order to watch the surveillance video in the security office at the Ocean Club, Bond is using a first generation Blu-Ray player. The player reacts quickly as he use it, but in reality, these players are very slow in reacting to these commands when they initialise the table of contents of the disk. Usually, any disk insertion to play takes a minimum of 30 seconds for the least encrypted disk on these players. (00:28:05)


Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the film, when Bond is talking to Dryden, the wire used to flip the chair is visible leading from the chair, off screen.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Continuity mistake: During the crane scene, Bond and Mollaka mysteriously appear on different sides of the crane, also the crane seems to constantly rearrange the bottom catwalk, putting it on the inside and outside of the crane. (00:13:30 - 00:14:30)


Character mistake: When Bond is sending his resignation email, another email titled "Stationary Request" is visible in his outbox. The grammatical mistake (it should be "Stationery Request") seems to be an unusual error by Bond and not quite in keeping with his character, his assumed background or his smooth way with words.


Other mistake: At the end of the shootout in the embassy, Bond shoots compressed gas containers which cause a large explosion. This explosion apparently has enough force to blow open the gate behind 007, since the large metal gate is bent and hanging off its hinges like it has been damaged by an explosion, but he is unharmed. He didn't even have to get out of the way.

Continuity mistake: At the Miami airport, the terrorist kills a truck driver. Even though he's dead, the driver's head keeps moving between shots.

Dr Wilson

Other mistake: In the sinking building when James Bond pulls the electric wire from the wall and puts it to the bad guy, at first he is not touching with anything but the wire. The next shot with Bond in it shows Bond holding the bad guy at the shoulder. Both would be electrocuted at this point.

Factual error: A caption "Montenegro" is shown when the train rides through some mountains. Just after, an inside shot shows the train passing a station. Briefly, the sign "Chur Ost" (a station in Switzerland) flashes by.

Revealing mistake: When Bond is chasing Le Chiffre and Vesper in his Aston Martin, the shot pans as he drives round a corner from right to left. The sequence cuts to a slightly different camera angle where Bond appears to be driving around a different corner, but if you look closely it is the same corner as the previous shot, with Bond simply driving in the opposite direction, i.e. from left to right. (01:46:35)

Continuity mistake: In the last hand of poker, they put the fourth card out which is the four of spades, Bond checks, and then the player in seat 2 goes all in for 6 million, followed by a call for 5 million, then the villain raises, and then Bond goes all in. But what we never saw was the fifth card being dealt, which is the river, and the ace of spades. There's no way that the villain would call the all in before that card was played, he is not going to do that with two pair and a coordinated flushed board. If you watch it slowly, after the second player goes all in, you see that there are now five cards on the board. We never see the river being dealt, which is a pivotal card in this hand.

Continuity mistake: When the tanker is stolen at the airport the refuelling hose is out but when it's driven away the hose has been stowed away with no time to do this.

Continuity mistake: When Bond shoots Mr. White in the leg at the end of the movie, Mr. White is standing on the side of his car between a large bush, a bench and a ground light. After he is shot and is crawling away, the car isn't in view. Based on where he was standing and shot the car should still be visible while he is crawling. (02:25:00)


Revealing mistake: In the torture scene, when we see a close-up of the chair while Le Chiffre hits Bond's testicles with a rope, the rope only hits the chair.


Revealing mistake: When Bond runs up the crane arm you see three rows of black EZY Grip Anti-Slip tape on the crane arm so he doesn't kill himself running up it. (00:12:10)

Houma R L Dave

Continuity mistake: When Bond is playing Dimitrios in the game where he wins the car, just before he goes all in you can hear the female dealer speaking but there is a man dealing. Then when Dimitrios tries to write a check it's the female dealer there who tells him "table stakes only."


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Continuity mistake: On top of the collapsed building, when Bond has given up trying to revive Vesper, in a close-up shot, Vesper's head is resting below a piece of light wood inlaid into the much darker roof. Cut to a very far shot, just before Bond holds her, and her head is now right on this wood. (02:17:25)


Plot hole: When Bond leaves the hotel room in Venice, getting supplies, how does he manage to conceal his gun with its long silencer?


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Trivia: The internal shots of the hotel in Venice Bond is staying in is actually the National Museum in Prague - obviously almost every movie uses random locations, but partly it's very identifiable if you've been there, and also I've recently been there myself, and this is my site, so I'm listing it.

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Question: Help me out if I'm wildly off: The Ugandan gangster attacks LeChiffre in his hotel, who Bond later kills. LeChiffre then continues with the game and panics when Mr. White demands the money. I was under the assumption that LeChiffre only owed money to the gangster and therefore needed to win the game to pay him back. Why does he continue with the game after the gangster is killed?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: Le Chiffre operates as the banker for Mr White's entire organisation. The Ugandan is only one of many individuals and groups for whom Le Chiffre provides financial services; killing him does little to solve the problem of the missing money. Plus there's the question of trust - if Le Chiffre can't keep the money safe, then Mr White's organisation have no use for him and, as we see in the movie, will readily eliminate him. Le Chiffre's desperate to recover the money to prove his trustworthiness and save his own life.

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