The Break-Up

Continuity mistake: In the scene near the end where Brooke tells Marilyn Dean she is leaving to travel, the view is from Marilyn's perspective and Brooke folds her arms. The shot changes to from behind Brooke looking towards Marilyn and Brooke's arms are down by her side. The next shot is back from Marilyn's view and Brooke's arms are folded again.

Continuity mistake: When Gary Grobowski hands over his condo keys to the realtor, the real estate agent is holding them in his right hand and his hand is raised. In the shot immediately after that, he has the keys in both of his hands, resting on his lap.


Continuity mistake: When the guests from the dinner party are leaving, in one shot Brooke's father kisses her, but in the next shot he's over by Gary, shaking his hand.

Continuity mistake: When Gary comes into the apartment and Brooke is sketching, we can see that she is listening to her iPod. Gary lifts her canvas and bag and moves them over then she takes them off him and walks down the hallway. The iPod has disappeared, as we can see Brooke isn't holding it anymore.

Continuity mistake: Gary comes home and sets the bag (of lemons) on the counter in front of Brooke. In the next shot, when Brooke goes to get the bag, it is now laying down on the other side of the counter.

Continuity mistake: When Gary is playing GTA: San Adreas on the PS2, he says to Brooke's date about role-play and how to turn her on. Brooke and her date then leave and Gary sits back on the sofa. Camera cuts and he sits back again.

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