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Corrected entry: When Gary arrives at the bowling alley, Brooke tells him he is no longer able to be on the team because, as a couples team, they are only allowed one "single" person. Since Brooke and Gary are no longer a couple, the team must decide which one to keep. At this point, Gary is voted off the team. Andrew asks Gary for his shirt back and tells him that they found a replacement named, coincidentally, Gary. How come Gary, Brooke's ex-boyfriend, can't be on the couple's team, but Gary, Andrew's friend can?

Correction: The whole rule thing was just a ploy to kick Gary(1) off the team. They knew it would not work with him and Brooke on the team.


Corrected entry: When Gary arrives at the bowling alley for the couples league, he is informed by Brooke that since they broke up and are no longer a couple, he couldn't be on the team. Gary was then voted off by his teammates. Brooke was not dating anybody either so why was she able to stay in the league? And why didn't Gary protest that?


Correction: Brooke didn't get kicked out of the league because they were all her friends and not Gary's.


Corrected entry: When Gary comes home with the lemons, he turns on the TV where a baseball game is in progress. After the party, when Brooke complains that he never takes her anywhere, he reminds her that they just went to Ann Arbor for the Michigan-Notre Dame game. It couldn't have been a baseball game, Michigan plays in Comstock Park, basketball season would have been over for at least two months, and football season for four or five.

Correction: Today is October, 26th 2006. The college football season has been going for 8 weeks already, and the baseball season isn't yet over. Baseball season is winding down as college football starts, so they very easily could have gone to a college game and then watched a baseball game on TV.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: In the opening scene of the movie, the baseball game is supposed to be a Cubs and White Sox game, however, if you look at the uniforms closely, the Cubs are actually playing the Milwaukee Brewers.

Correction: Just because Jon Favreau's character was wearing a White Sox jersey, doesn't mean the game was meant to be against the Sox. He was just cheering against the Cubs because he doesn't like them, and wanted to see them lose.


Corrected entry: When the Cubs drop a fly ball, Gary's buddy stands up and points to the Chicago White Sox logo on his shirt to get the fans around him riled up, so apparently we're seeing an inter-league game between the Cubs and White Sox. A few minutes later we see the Cubs making a successful out at first base, and the runner has a Milwaukee Brewers uniform on (freeze-frame helps but is not necessary).

Matty Blast

Correction: This error was already submitted, and corrected.

Revealing mistake: When Gary and his friend are drinking Bud in the bar, the Bud label moves between shots to keep facing the camera. Gary doesn't touch the bottle.

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Gary: Listen, Lassie, and listen good. I'm not saying he's not gonna get married. I'm not saying he's not gonna have kids. If it does happen, his wife is gonna come home, and find him with his Tiajuana lover clubbing each other with Yanni's greatest hits.

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Trivia: Marilyn Dean tells Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) to go see her personal waxer at the spa and to ask for the "Telly Savalas". Telly Savalas was Jennifer Aniston's godfather. (00:56:00)

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Question: When Brooke's friend is giving her children a bath, one of them starts eating soap and the mother tells her to take it out of her mouth. She then says something like "Wait until you're twelve". What does she mean by this?

Answer: What I took away from that statement was that she was refering to a punishment for using "bad" words. Since children tend to exercise that right at any age, she was just picking a random age.

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