The Break-Up

Revealing mistake: When Gary and his friend are drinking Bud in the bar, the Bud label moves between shots to keep facing the camera. Gary doesn't touch the bottle.


Continuity mistake: In the scene near the end where Brooke tells Marilyn Dean she is leaving to travel, the view is from Marilyn's perspective and Brooke folds her arms. The shot changes to from behind Brooke looking towards Marilyn and Brooke's arms are down by her side. The next shot is back from Marilyn's view and Brooke's arms are folded again.

Continuity mistake: When Gary Grobowski hands over his condo keys to the realtor, the real estate agent is holding them in his right hand and his hand is raised. In the shot immediately after that, he has the keys in both of his hands, resting on his lap.

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Marilyn Dean: Discover a path... that doesn't lead back here.

Gary: Listen, Lassie, and listen good. I'm not saying he's not gonna get married. I'm not saying he's not gonna have kids. If it does happen, his wife is gonna come home, and find him with his Tiajuana lover clubbing each other with Yanni's greatest hits.

Marilyn Dean: What is this problem... so severe... that has caused you to blaspheme in the Synagogue of Marilyn Dean?

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Question: When Brooke's friend is giving her children a bath, one of them starts eating soap and the mother tells her to take it out of her mouth. She then says something like "Wait until you're twelve". What does she mean by this?

Chosen answer: What I took away from that statement was that she was refering to a punishment for using "bad" words. Since children tend to exercise that right at any age, she was just picking a random age.

Dedderbot Premium member

Question: When Addie sets Brooke up on a date with her husband Andrew's friend, Brooke is uninterested during the date. At one point Addie calls her to help her get out of the date and the first thing she says ism "Is this when I'm supposed to call?" How did Brooke and Addie plan this? Brooke was pretending to be intrigued by the guy's story about his job and listening intently therefore she couldn't have been communicating with Addie by texting during the date and they couldn't have planned it ahead of time.

Chosen answer: It's a common ploy to help a friend out of a bad blind date. They didn't need to plan it.

Phixius Premium member

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