Running Scared

Revealing mistake: The money that the two gang members are counting in the opening view of the hotel room scene is obviously fake. Notice how white the bills are, when they should be greener and have more of the random anti-counterfeit features. (00:02:00)


Continuity mistake: When Oleg falls out of the closet, there are no tools on the closet floor. After Teresa notices the DVDs behind the clothes, she looks down and all the knives and other tools on the floor have magically appeared.


Visible crew/equipment: During the scene in the pedophile's playroom, there are two cameras that are of interest. Camera A: The film camera mounted on a steadicam; captures what the audience sees. Camera B: A video camera placed on set (as a prop); feeds to a TV screen also on set. Camera A begins on a closeup of the TV screen, and tracks backwards, still facing the TV screen, but revealing more of the set. As this movement is executed, Camera B quickly (presumably unexpectedly) zooms out, revealing the neck (focus and iris rings, etc.) of Camera A for about 2 seconds. This can be seen in both DVD and Film viewing.

Continuity mistake: When Joe and Oleg are in the hockey rink, the men shove Joe down on the ice, and the hockey players slap pucks into his face, causing him to lose a lot of blood. Problem with this is, the pool of his blood changes position a few times in the scene. It goes from right under his nose to farther down by his neck or shoulder.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the ice rink, when the mobster has the shotgun to Joey's chest, the mobster spots Oleg, who is pointing a gun at him. When the camera is facing Oleg, he is holding the gun with one hand. Then, the camera cuts to a shot of the mobster. In this shot, we can see that Oleg now is holding the gun with two hands. The camera cuts back to a shot of Oleg, and now he is only holding it with one hand again.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning part of the movie when Joey is driving in the car with Oleg, they come very close to hitting a man on his bike. At this moment, Oleg says, "We're gonna crash". Later, at the end of the movie, at this exact spot, Oleg does not say this. He should, seeing as this is basically a flashback of what had already happened.

Plot hole: When Oleg calls Teresa from the pedophile's playroom, he tells her the address of their house: 1456 Owens Park Lane, Hoboken. When Teresa shows up, she tells the pedophile that he called from this apartment, 1456 Owens Park Lane, Apartment 303. Oleg never told her what apartment number he was in.

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