Running Scared

Running Scared (2006)

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Tommy Perello (Messner) gets rid of Detective Rydell (Palminteri) by placing a bomb inside the bag in the locker. Joey Gazelle (Walker) and Oleg Yugorsky (Bright) get taken to an ice-skating rink where Joey is brutally interrogated by Anzor Yugorsky's (Roden) uncle, Ivan (Noble). Joey tells them it was Tommy's gun and that Tommy had given it to Oleg so he could purposely kill Anzor (the idea being to turn the Russians against the Perellos). A shootout ensues and everyone is killed except for Joey, Oleg, and Frankie Perello. Joey opens his shirt to Frankie and reveals that he is an undercover cop, cause he is wearing a wire. Joey kills Frankie. On their way home, Lester the Pimp stops into the diner and threatens to kill Oleg. Joey gets shot trying to save Oleg. Returning to the opening scene, Joey races home with a bullet wound in his gut. Mila Yugorsky (Milicevic) blows herself up. After having a final moment with Teresa (Farmiga) and Nick (Neuberger), Joey passes away. After the funeral, Teresa, Nick, Oleg are seen living in a remote house. Where an alive Joey (who apparently never dead) hugs the two boys.

Dylan Coolidge

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The money that the two gang members are counting in the opening view of the hotel room scene is obviously fake. Notice how white the bills are, when they should be greener and have more of the random anti-counterfeit features.



Throughout the movie, references to the Grimm fairy tales can be seen everywhere. The 'pedophile scene' was supposed to be heavily influenced by the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. The door mat is German for "Hansel and Gretel" in mixed up letters. Also, the name on the medicine bottle Oleg grabs is Edele Hansel. The prostitute is supposed to be the Blue Fairy, Oleg being captured by the homeless man is Little Red Riding Hood. Above all, the town's name, though never stated, is Grimley. Watch the credits for an animated visual.