Doctor Who: The Movie
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Grace: Listen, why don't you just have a seat and open your shirt? I want to listen to your heart.
The Doctor: Hearts. Plural.
Grace: Right! Right.

The Doctor: You want dominion over the living, but all you do is kill.
The Master: Life is wasted on the living.

Master/Bruce: I need the Doctor's body.
Miranda: Sense of humor, no more snoring... You don't need a doctor. Come back to bed, honey.
Master/Bruce: My name is not Honey.
Miranda: Oh well, what would you like me to call you then?
Master/Bruce: Master will do.
Miranda: Well, come back to bed, Master.

Grace: I finally meet the right guy, and he's from another planet.

The Doctor: The universe hangs by such a delicate thread of coincidences that it would be useless to meddle with it, unless like me you're a Time Lord.

The Doctor: Wait, I remember. I'm with my father, we're lying back in the grass, it's a warm Gallifreyan night.
Grace: Gallifreyan?
The Doctor: Gallifrey. Yes, this must be where I live. Now where is that?
Grace: I've never heard of it. What do you remember?
The Doctor: A meteor storm. The sky above us was dancing with lights. Purple, green, brilliant yellow. Yes.
Grace: What?
The Doctor: These shoes. They fit perfectly.

Grace: Tardis? What's a tardis?
The Doctor: A TARDIS is my ship that carries me through Time and Space. T-A-R-D-I-S. It stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

The Doctor: Grace, I came back to life. I held back death. Look, I can't make your dream come true forever, but I can make it come true today..

Grace: Maybe you have selective amnesia brought on by shock.
The Doctor: Maybe. I don't remember.

The Doctor: I love humans. They always see patterns in things that aren't there.

The Doctor: The world's about to end, and here I am, stuck in traffic.

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