The Eye

The Eye (2002)

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Continuity mistake: At the end, Mun realizes the tanker explosion is about to happen, she gets off of her bus and tries to warn the people in their cars. She bangs on the window of a couple with a baby, and then tries a newlywed couple. Mun continues heading towards where the explosion will occur. When the truck finally does go up, we first the the parents and baby get hit, then the newlywed couple, and finally Wah has to save Mun. The problem is that this should have happened in the opposite order.

Continuity mistake: In Mun's calligraphy lesson, the brush is dipped into a glass of water, blackening it. In other shots the water is clear and clean.

Continuity mistake: During Mun's calligraphy lesson, the paintbrushes in the large white pot change position during the scene.

Continuity mistake: When Mun and Dr. Lo get to Bangkok, they each have a black bag. At the hospital, only Dr. Lo has one. Later, at Ling's house, Mun has her bag back.


Continuity mistake: When Mun is in Dr. Lo's office explaining her visions, her bangs hang down over alternate sides of her face.


Plot hole: Mun has an eye transplant, and this gives her the ability to see the dead. However, how come she can also hear the ghosts as well?

Continuity mistake: When Mun hears the woman's moans in the hospital, as she walks, the position of the straps on the shoulder of her scrub changes.

Continuity mistake: Mun gets out of her bed, while her room keeps on shifting. When she returns back to her bed, the sheets are now differently positioned.

Continuity mistake: When Mun leaves the apartment and then crouches down to talk to the young boy about the report card, she is right beside the apartment door, but in the next shot, her Grandmother looks out of the peephole in the door. Mun is now suddenly right in front of the door, on the other side of the hallway.

Trivia: When they are on the train going to see the family of the girl who's eyes where donated, the head of a woman can be seen in the window of the train as it passes through the tunnel, but she has no body, allowing you to see the seat. (01:01:05)

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