Cohen and Tate

Cohen and Tate (1988)

Ending / spoiler

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Travis escapes but is soon recaptured and the trooper who picks him up is shot in the head the bullet is fired by Cohen whilst he's driving which goes straight through the guy's head. They swap cars with a driverby who gets brass knuckles in the face from Cohen. Travis manages to eventually turn his captors on each other with Tate getting shot and chucked out of a moving car then dumped in the trunk. A stop at the gas station leaves an overly curious attendant getting shot through a glass door whilst calling for help. Cohen goes to check on Tate only to be jumped by his now enraged partner (he was wearing a bulletproof vest) who springs out of the trunk to batter Cohen senseless. Travis manages to drive the car away from Tate to then hide in a minning site. Cohen takes a shell to the shoulder from Tate who advances on Travis (who's been handcuffed to Cohen) before being blasted back by Cohen sending him falling beneath a mining construction to be splattered everywhere. Cohen is cornered in on the highway he tries to shoot Travis but Travis lets him know Cohen can't do it. Cornered by the cops Cohen once again considers commiting child murder before opting for suicide.


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