Cohen and Tate

Cohen and Tate (1988)

Plot summary

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Jeff Knight is in the witness protection as is his wife Martha and only child, nine year old Travis. That is until one of their 'so-called protectors' George abandons them to the mercy of deadly duo hitmen Cohen and Tate who gun down bodyguards Fred & Roy together with Martha, leaving Jeff for dead and snatching away Travis. Cohen and Tate have orders to bring the boy to their mob bosses, so they can extract information from him. Travis soon sees that while Cohen is a season pro and somewhat heartless sociopath to boot at least he's restrained unlike Tate a volitle psychopath who unlike his partner has no morals, a deathwish and you'd rather cut his losses and would kill a child as fast as he would step on an insect. If Travis is going to survive this situation he's going to have to use the only trick he's got left...turn his captors against each other.


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