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Bill Cox: You designed the software, you find me a way in.
Jack Stanfield: I wouldn't know where to start.

Jack Stanfield: Nice flowers.
Janet Stone: Born-again Bobby.
Jack Stanfield: Maybe he's trying to save your soul.
Janet Stone: He'd need bigger blossoms than that.

Jack Stanfield: Change of plans, asshole: You get the money when I get my family.

Jack Stanfield: I just hacked into your accounts.
Bill Cox: That's impossible.
Jack Stanfield: You just lost twenty million. Now you know what it feels like to lose what you love.

Bill Cox: Your family are dead. You hear me, they are dead.
Jack Stanfield: For all I know, they're dead already.

Factual error: Text doesn't actually move up a screen, it only appears to; it's really only blinking lights. As such, the improvised scanner wouldn't work, you'd only get a small slice of each line.

James King III
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