Factual error: Text doesn't actually move up a screen, it only appears to; it's really only blinking lights. As such, the improvised scanner wouldn't work, you'd only get a small slice of each line.

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James King III

Factual error: During Jack's drive to work in the "morning", the sun is shining on Seattle from the west.

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Factual error: When Janet dials 911 from her cell phone, we hear a low tone followed by two higher tones. In reality, 911 is a high tone followed by two lower tones. Additionally, she dials 911 and puts the phone up to her ear without ever pressing the "Talk" button.


Factual error: This film depicts wire transfers as happening instantly. Electronic transfers of funds actually take 2 business days - 3 if the transfer is submitted after the Federal Reserve has closed for the day.

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