Continuity mistake: The 70s vintage green Plymouth belonging to the secretary, has what appears to be an inspection sticker on the driver's side of the windshield. However, when the vehicle catches fire near the end of the movie the sticker is missing.

Continuity mistake: In the scene were Jack is getting ready to fight, he tells the family to run. Notice how their handcuffs are still on. Later on, Jack goes to the family, and somehow someone had a key.

Continuity mistake: The pickaxe handle that Jack reaches for when he and Cox are fighting in the grave changes position and then back to its original position in quick cuts before he grabs it. Look very closely.

Continuity mistake: When Jack pulls over the railroad tracks in the green Dodge, the headlights are missing. Just a few minutes later Jack is driving over the wooden bridge with headlights right where they should be.

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