Corrected entry: At the end, when Jack rushes to the compound where the bad guys have his family hidden, he's doing at least 40km/hour before hitting one baddie and right after a shack head-on without his seat-belt on. The car even catches fire. He doesn't seem to get hurt one bit which is simply impossible.


Correction: Bleeding, having to regain himself, both in and after exiting the car, etc, is some how "not hurt" in your book?


Corrected entry: Harrison Ford says he needs his daughter's iPod because it has an internal hard drive. The iPod in which he uses doesn't have an internal hard drive. It uses flash memory to store information.

Correction: Flash or magnetic, as far a computer it's connected to is concerned, it's a drive. Pluging any flash drive into a computer coems up as a removable hard drive. Saying "Hard Drive" in plain speech is not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Andy suffered an allergic reaction from eating the peanut-filled cookie, he was given an EpiPen injection, but no medical attention. The epinephrine in an EpiPen only lasts for about 15 minutes in a person's system until symptoms return, yet Andy seemed perfectly fine well after receiving the treatment.

Correction: Accourding to the official EpiPen "Common Questions and Answers" ( it is possible that "the effects of epinephrine can wear off and there is a chance of a second reaction" and you should go to the emergency room. This leaves also the possibility that it won't wear off at all and everything will be fine. Seems like Andy got lucky.


Corrected entry: While Jack and Janet are tracing their dog's collar's GPS on her laptop in the car, at no time are they connected to the Internet on their laptop to be able to access the information.

Correction: Wi-Fi and a number of other wireless services exist. As XP auto-seeks connections, it is possible for them to power up the laptop and have it connect to a network allowing the GPS program to work.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film when the fake pizza man and bad guys come in. There are about 10 guys that come in with suitcases. Near the end, there's only about 4 or 5 bad guys.

Correction: It may appear that way by showing the same guys multiple times. The scene was very fast-paced with many short shots and moving cameras, an effect that may make it seem as if there were more bad guys then there were.


Corrected entry: Jack Stanfield was forced to withdraw $10,000 from each of the top 10,000 accounts of the bank for a total of $100 Million, via 10,000 wire transfers. He then reversed all of the stolen $100 Million by doing only 4, $20 Million wire transfers back to the bank.

Correction: He didn't know all of the 10,000 accounts, so he just made sure that Cox didn't get any money. The money can be returned to their rightful owners later on, the important thing was that the bad guy didn't get them.

Corrected entry: In the film, Jack borrows his daughters iPod. When he is questioned about how he is going to use it, he says "10,000 songs, 10,000 files, it won't know the difference." The iPod however was a mini iPod which does not have the capacity to hold 10,000 songs.

Correction: It's just a figure of speech, the original iPod was heavily marketed on the ability to store 10,000 songs; so for someone to use this phrase about one of its "descendants" isn't really that strange and certainly not a mistake.


Corrected entry: After Jack Stanfield wire-transferred the $100 Million, he was forced to crash the entire bank computer system to hide the theft. Later, he transfers all of the money back to the bank. How could this be done if there is no bank computer system to facilitate replacing the money back into the customers' accounts?

Correction: No doubt the bank would have had their own computer programmers and IT department working on fixing the problem almost as soon as it occurred. It's also likely they would have had a whole team of programmers to fix the problem as soon as possible, so it would have been fixed by the time Jack put the money back.

Corrected entry: After Jack has finished removing the money from Cox's accounts via the hookup at the airport bank, the police have surrounded the building. The police question Janet, who is waiting out the front of the airport for Jack, and she says, 'Oh, I'm just waiting for my friend,' then Jack gets in the car and they drive away. If this were a real situation, there is no way the police would let them leave.

Correction: There's no possible way to know that for sure. If they don't look like the profile of the suspects, the police could easily let them go. If they have no suspicion to hold Janet, they would let her leave, or face the possibility of a lawsuit for unlawful detainment or false arrest.

Factual error: Text doesn't actually move up a screen, it only appears to; it's really only blinking lights. As such, the improvised scanner wouldn't work, you'd only get a small slice of each line.

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Bill Cox: Your family are dead. You hear me, they are dead.
Jack Stanfield: For all I know, they're dead already.

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