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Revealing mistake: After Rhett tells Scarlett that he doesn't give a damn, she's just inside the front door and places her hand on leading edge of the door, which moves when she touches it to support herself.


Audio problem: When Ashley leaves the house to go to the train station after his Christmas furlough, there is a shot of Scarlett at the window, watching him walk down the path. We hear her say, "When the war's over, Ashley. When the war's over", but visually, her mouth movements do not correspond to what she is saying, at all.

Continuity mistake: After Frank Kennedy's death Scarlett is drinking in her bedroom. She takes his picture, which is standing on the dressing table, and turns it on its face. In one close-up shot this picture is placed on a piece of lace, in all others not. When she finally leaves the room the picture is gone completely, and also all other things on the dresswing table are rearranged. (00:55:20)


Continuity mistake: Scarlett, Melanie, and Mrs. Meade leave the hospital when Belle Watling approaches them to donate some money. Throughout the scene the three women are standing close to each other, but when Belle drives off Scarlett is standing by herself even though the camera does a scan around her. (00:59:00)


Continuity mistake: When Aunt Pittipat leaves Atlanta Scarlett and Dr. Meade are standing in the walkway to the house and talking. The moment the aunt drives off Scarlett is standing all by herself (and loudly cursing Melanie and her baby). (01:07:30)


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Suggested correction: Just before Aunt Pittipat rides off, we see Dr. Meade move away from Scarlett. By the time it cuts back to Scarlett, he has had more than enough time to get off-screen.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bonnie dies, Scarlett is sitting down drinking a cup of tea. She puts the cup on the table and stands up. When we see the next shot from behind, the table is clearly visible and the cup is gone.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Scarlett shoots the Yankee deserter, look at the large window at the top of the staircase. Not only is the glass strangely opaque, but there is the silouhette of a tree being cast on it from a tree which is obviously directly outside the window. When Melanie opens the window to call out to Suellen and Carreen, the tree is not only about 15 feet from the window, its also significantly shorter than you would expect from its shadow. In fact, it comes nowhere near as far as the window ledge, let alone the window itself.

Continuity mistake: After Ashley has been shot during the raid of the shantytown Scarlett sits on his bed, holding his hand against her bosom. When Rhett asks her if she isn't interested in her husband's fate she is seen from the front, with no sign of Ashley's hand. (00:52:00)


Continuity mistake: When Melanie runs down the driveway to greet the returning Ashley both hands are down and she is holding on to her skirt. When the camera angle changes she's running with both hands up in the air. (00:13:25)


Continuity mistake: While Gerald is speaking to Scarlett about Tara and land, the close-up shot shows that his hand and riding crop are up near her shoulder. When the shot changes to the wide angle with the matte painting background, his arm is down near her waist. (00:12:00 - 00:13:00)


Revealing mistake: When Rhett picks up newborn Bonnie from her bassinet, you can see that he picks up a doll, not a real baby.

Audio problem: When Scarlett and Mammy discuss how to raise $300 for taxes Scarlett mentions Rhett. Mammy asks "Who that? A Yankee?" without moving her lips. (00:23:10)


Continuity mistake: When Rhett and Scarlett go up to Melanie's room to get her out of the house and take her to Tara the hallway and staircase are fully lit. When they come down again all lights are off, although there was no one downstairs to put them out. (01:19:40)


Continuity mistake: Regarding the iconic pull-back shot of the depot, showing hundreds of dead and dying soldiers lying about the train tracks: later that night, everyone escapes by driving through this same area as train cars burn and explosions go off. What happened to all those dead and dying soldiers?

Continuity mistake: The morning that Rhett leaves for London, he tells Scarlett to get Bonnie's things packed right away. Scarlett pushes herself up into a sitting position on the bed with her arms, but in the very next shot, she's laying back against the pillows with her arms crossed. Then she pushes herself up again.

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Continuity mistake: When Scarlett is talking to Melanie before she dies, Melanie's "widow's peak" is obviously painted on.

Continuity mistake: After Scarlett overhears the girls gossiping about her, the first "Yee-hoo!" from the men is heard, and Scarlett looks dismayed and about to cry. Her facial expression completely changes in the very next shot; to a sly, queer look.

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Revealing mistake: When Bonnie has her fatal horse accident and breaks through the hurdle you see that the bars are pre-cut.It's a bit unrealistic anyway that they would break at such a soft impact - they should fall but not break. (01:39:45)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Gerald gets on his horse to chase after Jonas Wilkerson, Suellen and Carreen run outside to see what is going on. The door is left open when they come out, but in the next shot that shows Scarlett yelling for Gerald to come back, Suellen and Carreen are no longer outside and the door is closed.

Continuity mistake: When the Tarleton twins are flirting with Scarlett they're both holding glasses in their hands. When they all leave after a close-up shot on their faces there's no trace of a glass, neither in any hand or anywhere on the ground. (00:07:55)


Rhett Butler: No, I don't think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.

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Trivia: After Margaret Mitchell's (author of "Gone with the Wind") husband saw the scene with the wounded soldiers in Atlanta he is reported to have said "if we had had that many soldiers, we wouldn't have lost the war in the first place."


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Question: When Scarlett visits Rhett in jail to get the $300 for taxes, can anyone speculate as to her plan? Why does she pretend to be rich when she's actually dirt poor? Why would that make her request for money more convincing? Did she plan to ask for a loan, and needed to make it appear as if she would be able to repay it in a reasonable amount of time? I read the book, but this wasn't made clear there either. Can anyone help me?

Answer: If she looked rich she could trick him into thinking she wasn't marrying him for his money.

Answer: Scarlett tries fooling Rhett that she is in love him, somehow thinking that will persuade him to give her the money. She believes if Rhett is in love with her, she can manipulate him, which is what she did with her previous two husbands and various suitors. If she appears desperate and powerless, then Rhett will have the upper hand. He sees through her scheme, however.


Answer: In the book Scarlett's motivation for dressing up to see Rhett is so that she can go to him 'looking like a queen granting favors." She believes that her way of getting the money is by acting carefree and not desperate as if she looks desperate Rhett will guess it's money she's after (only) and any warmness towards him will look like a ruse to get his money. She is playing on his attraction towards her. Remember the last time she saw him she slapped him and said she hoped a canon ball would land "slap on him." So now she has to appear to be over her venom and her pride will not let her look desperate, also. She's not after marriage to him. If she looks sweet and helpless and gorgeous she figures she'll get the money out of him! (He does say he's tired of looking at women in mourning so she is partly right with her instincts).

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