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Continuity mistake: When Scarlett undresses for her nap after the 12 Oaks barbecue, she unties a small bustle from around her waist. She didn't have this bustle on when Mammy helped her dress for the barbecue earlier that morning.


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Suggested correction: Was it under the main bustle?


Scarlett is laced up then Mammy helps her on with her dress. Looks like Scarlett is just wearing her corset (stays) with pantalets. Selznick probably adhered to the customary undergarments in the nap scene but chose no film time for the hurried scene where Gerald counts to 10 to make Scarlett hurry down to his carriage.

Continuity mistake: When Scarlett is attacked in the woods, Big Sam drives her carriage out of danger. When the scene cuts to a far shot of the carriage driving through the woods, Big Sam is no longer with her. She is driving it by herself.

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Suggested correction: Big Sam quickly dispatches Scarlett's attacker (potential rapist in the book) and Scarlett grabs the reins to just get out of there as fast as she can. Big Sam continues to handle the attacker. Then, Big Sam runs after the carriage, calling out to Scarlett.

Continuity mistake: When Rhett visits Scarlett after Frank Kennedy's death she keeps weeping into her handkerchief. But all of a sudden there is no handkerchief and she is wiping her nose with her hands. (00:57:55)


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Suggested correction: Scarlett puts her handkerchief down to gargle with cologne. Then she goes downstairs with the hanky near her mouth to hide her boozy smell. She has opportunity to put it down again when she is seated telling Rhett she is afraid she'll go to hell. She is so upset she wipes her nose with her wrist as she does several times in the film, as Rhett observes at the end when she has no "handkerchief."

Continuity mistake: When Scarlett is flirting with the Tarleton twins dogs and horses in the background appear and disappear in a very discontinuous way. (00:07:35)


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Suggested correction: Animals are not stationary, so they are bound to move. Also, if you watch it again, you will see some of the dogs running across the yard in front of Scarlett and the twins.

Continuity mistake: When Aunt Pittipat leaves Atlanta Scarlett and Dr. Meade are standing in the walkway to the house and talking. The moment the aunt drives off Scarlett is standing all by herself (and loudly cursing Melanie and her baby). (01:07:30)


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Suggested correction: Just before Aunt Pittipat rides off, we see Dr. Meade move away from Scarlett. By the time it cuts back to Scarlett, he has had more than enough time to get off-screen.

Factual error: Scarlett is seen walking on the main street on the way to the hospital. You can clearly see a light bulb in one of the street lights. (01:05:25)

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Trivia: The Burning of Atlanta scene was shot long before filming started on Gone with the Wind and before either of the actors were cast in the role of Rhett and Scarlet. The purpose was to clear the lot so the sets for the movie could be built. The buildings burnt were sets from other films, the most notable being the huge gates featured in the original King Kong movie. The two actors in this scene were stunt doubles who stood in for Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable.


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Question: At the very beginning when the twins are talking to Scarlett it sounds to me like George Reeves says something about the "other 48 states" wanting war. Am I hearing that incorrectly? There were only 34 states when the war began.

William Lanigan

Answer: To answer your question, I looked for on-line versions of the "Gone with the Wind" screenplay. What you are hearing as "other 48 states" is actually "those fool Yankees." The full line is, "Y'know, those fool Yankees actually want a war?" Also, the line is actually said by Stuart Tarleton, played Fred Crane, not by George Reeves as his twin brother, Drew. In writing, it doesn't seem they would sound alike. When I watched the opening scene of "gwtw" on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymbmvQJcLDc&t=6s), I can see how the error was made. I might have misheard it, as well, if I didn't already know what the line was from my research. Mr. Crane's enunciation is rather muddled.

Michael Albert

George Reeve plays Brent Tarleton, not "Drew."


Answer: I watched this scene several times on HBOmax, both with and without the closed captions. The line, spoken by Brent Tarleton (George Reeves) is: "You know, those poor Yankees actually want a war." It does sound like he says another word just before saying "Yankees," but it's so muffled that it's unintelligible and the closed captions do not record it. It could be "poor fool Yankees," but that's a guess.


Answer: In the version I am watching it is definitely Reeves' character who say the line, right after he tells Scarlett "War. Isn't it exciting Scarlett?" Then comes what sounds like what I posted. Is it possible there are different versions?

William Lanigan

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