Gone with the Wind

Factual error: Scarlett is seen walking on the main street on the way to the hospital. You can clearly see a light bulb in one of the street lights.


Factual error: When Melanie and Scarlett are talking with an (off-screen) wounded Confederate soldier, the soldier says he hasn't heard from his brother since Bull Run. Only Northerners refer to that battle as Bull Run; Southerners have always referred to it as Manassas.

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Factual error: When Atlanta is in chaos, there is a shot of a fire engine rushing down the street. Two shots later is a wide shot of the street with a giant red and white radio tower visible in the distance.

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Factual error: In the very short scene in "London" between Rhett, Bonnie Blue and the nanny, Big Ben is visible outside the window, with the Houses of Parliament on its left. In order to have this view, the room must be inside St. Thomas' Hospital.

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