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Corrected entry: The clerks play a game where you have to say a name of a dead celebrity. Katie Holmes's character starts with "Omar Sharif" but Omar Sharif is not dead yet.

Correction: As I understand it, Holmes' character was meant to be incorrect in listing a live celebrity rather than a dead one. This was meant to make her sound dumb.

Corrected entry: When Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr are eating Christmas dinner at Burke and Irene's house, they make a big deal over which wine to choose. They finally decide on white, because it goes better with ham. But when they are eating, everyone has a glass of white wine except Burke. He seems to have red wine. Maybe he poured himself a glass of something else, but there doesn't seem to be another bottle on the table. Plus, they made such a big deal over the white wine. I don't see why he would have red wine after that.

Correction: Actually if you look at the table rather carefully you will notice that Burke and Irene both have glasses of red wine and that up Irene's end of the table there is the open bottle of red wine. I assume this was because they couldn't make up their mind which wine to drink but the two (Scoff Wolfe and Jay Mohr) said white that they drank the red and gave the lads the white.

Visible crew/equipment: A boom mike drops into frame during Jay Mohr and Scott Wolf's dialogue at the supermarket.

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Burke: Listen, I just want to make a deal here. Can we make a deal?
Ronna: Who the hell are you? Monty Hall?

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Trivia: When Ronna is trying to sell aspirin at the rave, she introduces herself as "Kelly" and Claire as "Donna." Kelly and Donna were both names of characters on "Beverly Hills, 90210".

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