Continuity mistake: When Jay Mohr whispers to Sarah Polley in the 1st third of the film (though you don't see him do it) he is at one side of her, I think the left. When it is repeated later he crosses to the other side of her when he whispers to her.

Continuity mistake: Simon is talking to two bridesmaids in the elevator, and the short-haired girl's left hand goes from being up to down and back again in almost every shot.


Continuity mistake: In the Adam and Zach part when they hit Ronna, the first shot (from the inside of the car) shows the windshield wiper hitting her head - then the second shot (from the outside of the car) you see the windshield wiper go all the way up, when her head should still be there.

Continuity mistake: When Adam and Zach are in the house with the cops and one of them has Zach up against the wall in handcuffs, the other red-haired cop comes through the door holding a long box. In one shot there's a piece of yellow tape on the end of the box, and a bar code sticker on the side. But in the next shot, the tape is orange and the bar code sticker has moved to the end of the box.


Continuity mistake: When Todd and Ronna are talking in his apartment, there's a santa hat on the back of the sofa which is first laying with the tassel backwards, then towards the front, although no one touches it.


Continuity mistake: When Ronna first gets to Todd's apartment, she sits down and he puts an unlit cigarette in his mouth. But when it cuts to another angle he's suddenly just finished lighting it.


Continuity mistake: When Ronna is leaving the grocery store in the beginning she picks up her jacket with her right hand, but when it cuts to the reverse shot it's suddenly in her left hand.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the four guys are in the hotel room with the strip club guys trying to get in, the character who is talking to the kid through the door is wearing a sleeveless shirt, but when the camera changes angle, he suddenly has a orange jacket on.

Continuity mistake: The dialog in the scene where Simon is walking away after getting Ronna to cover his shift at the grocery store (which plays three times, once in each of the stories) only matches up to the movement of the character's mouths in one of the three versions.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Simon is riding the elevator with the 2 bridesmaids, just as the camera pans to show the girls exiting, a crewperson is visible from the reflection off the brass elevator wall.

Continuity mistake: When Irene and Adam are in the kitchen, Irene starts licking one of the hand-mixer beaters. She's holding it in her right hand, but when it cuts to another angle she's licking the beater in her left hand and her right hand is extended, handing Adam the first beater.


Continuity mistake: When Todd is talking to Ronna, his girlfriend comes in and puts a santa hat on his head. At first the tassel is on the left side, then it jumps to the right side.


Continuity mistake: When the guys are trying to escape from the thugs from the Crazy Horse in Las Vegas they get stuck in a line of cars waiting to pay at the gate of the parking lot at the Riviera. All of the parking lots in casinos in Las Vegas are free and none of them have gates.

Continuity mistake: When Todd is looking at the phony pills that Ronna brought back to him there are two shots, in between which a bunch of things change. The Santa hat on the back of the sofa moves and switches the direction it's laying, the pill bottle on the table goes from standing up to laying on its side, a jacket suddenly appears on the arm of the sofa, and various smaller things on the table appear and disappear.


Continuity mistake: When Simon and Marcus are fleeing in the red car after the shooting, Marcus has his right arm up on the seat back. In one shot he starts to put it down, then in the next shot it's up again. Then it just starts to come down yet again, and suddenly in the next shot it's completely down.


Continuity mistake: In both the first and last version of the stories, Ronna is in the bathroom with the door locked while the cop is trying to get in. In her story, the button is horizontal while he tries to open it; in Zack and Adam's version, the button is vertical.

Visible crew/equipment: When Adam says he has orange juice in the car, the camera does a fast pan towards Ronna. If you look on the upper left corner, you can see the shadow of the boom for a second or two.

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Todd: Ronna, I just gave you a favor.
Ronna: And here I thought you just gave me head.

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Trivia: When Ronna is trying to sell aspirin at the rave, she introduces herself as "Kelly" and Claire as "Donna." Kelly and Donna were both names of characters on "Beverly Hills, 90210".


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Question: What is the reason for all of the Iodine in the shrimp and if it makes people that sick, why would they put it in there?

Answer: Nobody puts iodine in shrimp. It is a naturally occurring substance in shellfish that some people are allergic to.


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