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Zack: Let's think about this logically. She's either alive, or she's dead.

Tiny: Yo, I told you, my mother's mother's mother was black.
Marcus: Your mother's mother's mother, f - this ain't "Roots", mutha... Man, I wanna see a picture of this Nubian princess. If you were any less black, you would be clear.

Todd: What do you want for Christmas, Claire?
Claire: I don't know.
Todd: Do you want to get laid?
Claire: No.
Todd: No, you don't wanna get laid, or no, you do, but you don't wanna get laid - with me?

Ronna: I need a favor.
Todd: Wow, I didn't know we were such good friends, Ronna! Because if we were, you would know I give head before I give favors and I didn't even give my best friends head, so the chances of your getting a favor is pretty fucking slim.

Singh: Just so we're clear, you stole a car, shot a bouncer, and had sex with two women?

Marcus: You can order anything you want so long as it's not what?
Simon Baines: Champagne.
Barmaid: What'll it be?
Marcus: Let me get a vodka tonic and a beer, please.
Simon Baines: I'd like to buy your most expensive bottle of champagne.
Marcus: Dumbass.

Marcus: I'm not a bathroom attendant.

Claire: You're making me an accessory.
Ronna: Okay Claire, that bracelet of mine you're wearing, that's an accessory.

Burke: Listen, I just want to make a deal here. Can we make a deal?
Ronna: Who the hell are you? Monty Hall?

Claire: Gay men are so hot. It's tragic.

Marcus: Are you happy now? Is your British ass happy?

Todd: Hey Ronna, how are sales?
Ronna: Todd, I can explain.
Todd: I'm not going to ask you to. It's not like I'm in a highly ethical industry. But Goddamned, Ronna. You fucked me over for twenty lousy hits.

Zack: It really didn't go as bad as it could have.
Adam: A girl is dead, Zack.
Zack: I didn't say it went perfectly.

Adam: Is it safe to have a radio attached to my balls like this?

Marcus: Get away from me! You're bad luck.

Todd: Ronna, I just gave you a favor.
Ronna: And here I thought you just gave me head.

Stringy Haired Woman: Don't think you're something you're not. I used to have your job.
Ronna: Look how far it got you.

Continuity mistake: When Jay Mohr whispers to Sarah Polley in the 1st third of the film (though you don't see him do it) he is at one side of her, I think the left. When it is repeated later he crosses to the other side of her when he whispers to her.

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Trivia: When Ronna is trying to sell aspirin at the rave, she introduces herself as "Kelly" and Claire as "Donna." Kelly and Donna were both names of characters on "Beverly Hills, 90210".


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Question: What is the reason for all of the Iodine in the shrimp and if it makes people that sick, why would they put it in there?

Answer: Nobody puts iodine in shrimp. It is a naturally occurring substance in shellfish that some people are allergic to.


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