The Ringer

The Ringer (2005)

1 factual error - chronological order

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Factual error: Special Olympics tryouts for the Nationals take place at least a year before the Games, not a few days before as portrayed in the film.

Continuity mistake: When Jeffy is sitting and eating with the guys at the cafeteria table and Jeffy is asking Glenn to pass the ketchup, the raisin box and apple on Jeffy's tray changes position several times.

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Billy: You scratched my CD! You picked it up in pure daylight and you scratched it.

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Question: Can somebody please tell me the joke that Lynn keeps trying to tell.

Answer: The grandmother takes her grandson to the beach and falls asleep, while she is sleeping a huge wave comes in and sweeps the boy out to sea. Grandma wakes up to find the boy gone and begins to pray "Lord, if you bring him back, I will do anything you want." Another huge wave comes in and deposits the boy safe and sound in front of the grandmother and she looks to heaven and says "he had a hat on, you know!"

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