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Corrected entry: When David drives the guys home from the movie theater and says they went to get ice cream, Winston's line of "When the F. did we get ice cream" causes Jeffy (Knoxville) to laugh hysterically.

Correction: While Johnny Knoxville states in the commentary that he corpsed in this scene, it's not actually out of character in the context of the movie - it's a funny line, of course he'd laugh, and it's completely in character for him to laugh.

Corrected entry: The catholic priest bet money that Jeffy would win the Special Olympics. The priest never knew his name, confessions are confidential, Jeffy's name never came up, just the fact that he was acting mentally challenged. How could the priest know who to bet on?

Correction: The priest got a good look at Jeffy's face when he threw him out of the church, then he saw him on TV -- the Special Olympics are broadcast. That's how he found out who to bet on.


Corrected entry: Fingers and other severed limbs can only last about 6 hours without oxygen before they begin to decay. Stevie's fingers would've been long gone by the first day of the Special Olympics.

Correction: They were on ice though.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Steve and his uncle get out of the car, you see Steve put his bag on the ground, but when they start walking away, they've left the bag at the car. In the next scene, when "Jerry" is walking down the hall where two guys are being recorded by a camera, you see him holding his bag once again.

Correction: As they walk away from the car Steve grabs the bag and puts it on his shoulder.

Continuity mistake: When Steve and the uncle arrive at the field, Steve's shorts are black. In the next scene they change to red and then the following scene he has black shorts on again.

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David Patrick: We stopped off for ice cream.
Winston: When the fuck did we get ice cream?

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Question: Can somebody please tell me the joke that Lynn keeps trying to tell.

Answer: The grandmother takes her grandson to the beach and falls asleep, while she is sleeping a huge wave comes in and sweeps the boy out to sea. Grandma wakes up to find the boy gone and begins to pray "Lord, if you bring him back, I will do anything you want." Another huge wave comes in and deposits the boy safe and sound in front of the grandmother and she looks to heaven and says "he had a hat on, you know!"

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