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Corrected entry: The timing does not line up with two characters who, as the movie suggests were imprisoned at the same time. V seems to suggest that Larkhill happened 20 years ago, and the BTN verifies this when they reported that V was connected with the Larkhill explosion 20 years ago. However in Valerie's letter it says that she acted in a movie and moved to London in 2015 and got imprisoned somewhere in that time frame. The movie takes place in 2020.


Correction: The film is set in the late 2030s.

Corrected entry: When V reveals that the notes that Evey had been reading while imprisoned were from a real person and that he had saved the notes all of these years, there is a large problem. How did V manage to save the notes from the fire? V is not wearing any clothes and you can plainly see that he is not holding anything in his hands since they are not clenched at all when he first walks through the flames.


Correction: This is worded as a question, not as a mistake, so here's the answer: Evey saved the note (there was only one note, Evey just reread it numerous times and the film revealed its story intermittently) in her toilet. V obviously did the same, where the water in the bowl would have protected it from the flames until V could retrieve it.

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Corrected entry: During Valerie's story, she mentions meeting her girlfriend Anna around 2015. Despite this time frame, several anti-Bush signs are visible during the montage footage on TV of riots due to America's downfall/Sutler's rise to power.

Correction: Given that the story takes place in the future, it's conceivable that term limits were removed or extended in the US, and that Bush managed to get re-elected (or did something to put himself in power permanently), or that a different Bush such as Jeb Bush was elected.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Evey activates the tube train and joins Mr. Finch on the platform as the train moves out of the station, several large production-grade lighting fixtures on tall stands can be seen along the platform. It's possible that these were "hidden in plain sight" and were supposed to be work lights for V. (02:02:20)

Correction: This entry corrects itself. They were work lights within the context of the film, and work lights for the crew filming it. Not a mistake.

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Corrected entry: The BTN news studio facility does not have teleprompters/autocues on their cameras. In the scene where V enters the studio, you can also see that one of the camera's viewfinders is turned off. (00:17:00)

Correction: This is a fictional near-future. Teleprompters/autocues are obviously a part of their new equipment. As for the camera with the view finder switched off, what evidence is there that that particular camera is even in use?

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Corrected entry: In the scene where V faces Creedy and his men, there are 11 of them (including Creedy). However, during the fight V kills 14 (including Creedy).


Correction: Actually, there are 15 present throughout the scene and 15 killed.

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Corrected entry: When V is broadcasting his plans on the television everybody is watching in awe. There is a gentleman in the bar who is smoking a cigarette letting it hang from his mouth as he watches the screen. Next shot back to him he is still staring at the screen but his cigarette is twice as big as it was before. It is unlikely that he lit another one because everybody was glued to the screen and not even drinking their drinks.


Correction: Watched for this mistake. That man is shown twice. The first time, he is casually watching the video, flicking the ash off his nearly finished cigarette into an ashtray. Next time he is shown (a fair while later) he has another cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Since he wasn't particulary engrossed the first time we saw him, and his cigarette was almost finished, it's fair to assume he very shortly thereafter lit up another one and sometime after that realized the gravity of what V was doing, forgetting all about the new cigarette in his mouth.

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Corrected entry: The mouse hole in which Evey finds Valerie's message is (when standing in the doorway) on the right side of the cell. But when Evey gets out, we see that her cell (number 5) is the last one of the left row, meaning there only is a full wall to its right, with cell number 4 to its left (which is consistent with what we we see in the doctor's memories). Thus, the hole does not link cell 5 to cell 4 (Valerie's). Since V took the time to recreate Larkhill, and wants Evey to live through exactly the same experience he has, there is no reason why he wouldn't recreate everything as it originally was. Plus, as previously said, his underground setting corresponds to the doctor's memories.


Correction: All we ever see of Larkhill cells in the doctor's memories is a hall with doors. Pretty typical of most detention facilities. And just because that hallway ends with Evey's cell, or V's cell at Larkhill, doesn't mean that's the edge of the building. There could be another cell on the opposite side of that wall with a seperate hallway because they're seperate cell blocks for a seperate type of inmate. Also, V does not even remotely attempt to recreate his own experience at Larkhill as Evey was not used as a lab rat, injected with diseases so potential cures could be tested on her. Basically, it's never explicitly stated in the film which cell housed Valerie, and even if it did plainly state she was in Cell IV, it's still not a mistake for V to slip the note in the way he did.

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Corrected entry: After Evey awakes at V's home for the first time after being knocked unconscious, she has a short exchange of dialog with V and then says she has to leave. After she says she is going home, V says, "Didn't you say they were looking for you?" Even though Evey had never mentioned it to him before and quite possibly couldn't have due to being unconscious.

Correction: He's just bringing the point up that they're probably looking for her. Just because he phrased it that way doesn't constitute a movie mistake. He's asking a question anyway. To which the answer is, "No, I didn't. But now that you mention it, they probably are."

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Evey is in a holding cell and reading Valerie's letter, there is a scene where Valerie and her lover are on the couch watching a political commentary. While the commentator is saying "to close the remaining troop stations," there is a scene of protesters. You can see (helps to pause the film) that one of the signs says "BUSH, YOU'RE A F**KING..." It cuts off on the bottom of the screen so you can't see the rest of the sign.


Correction: This is not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: Contrary to what the opening historical flashback denotes, Guy Fawkes did not resist arrest but simply surrendered to the Parliament guards upon being discovered with the gunpowder barrels. Likewise he avoided being successfully hanged by jumping off the gallows platform after his rope had been fitted so his neck broke and he instantly died.

Correction: This isn't an historical documentary. It's a work of fiction. The Guy Fawkes in this film could have had a beard made of cheese if the filmmakers had wanted him to.

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Corrected entry: When V first saves Evey from the fingermen, he cuts a 'V' into the poster on the wall. When he finishes, the two cuts do not meet at the bottom. However, after the camera has cut to Evey and then back to V, the cuts suddenly meet at the bottom.

Correction: The V is completed, we see this when V slices through his previous slice with the blade, and actually creates an overlap of the two lines. The only reason it appears incomplete is that physics and airflow caused the paper to remain 'plastered' to the wall, but this was gone seconds later when we see it again, and that flap of paper has fallen loose from this 'vacuum' effect, making it appear that it was not complete to begin with.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Evie is about to pull the lever on the train, the sweater she is wearing has the buttons in the back. When she walks out onto the balcony with Inspector Finch, the buttons are in the front.

Correction: This is false, because earlier in the movie, when Evie and V dance for one last time, you see that she has buttons on the front of her shirt.

Corrected entry: John Hurt wears contact lenses to make his pupils look much bigger. You can see the edges of these coloured lenses when he's dead at the end of the movie.

Dr Wilson

Correction: So he wears contact lenses. So what? Contact lenses exist in the time frame of the film and people wear them for both corrective and cosmetic reasons. No reason at all why a character couldn't be seen to be wearing them.

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Corrected entry: When V is fighting Creedy's men after they shoot him, he throws 2 knives, then takes 2 more. When he takes the other 2, we still see 4 knives in their sheaths. He only carries 6 knives, so he should throw 2, take 2, and leave 2.

Matt Lynch

Correction: V is an extremely intelligent and methodical man. It's more than likely that he took extra knives along with him in that scene. He was never seen actually withdrawing those knives from anywhere, so he may have had those as extras for just that occasion.

Corrected entry: In the final scene of the movie, when all of the citizens are removing their masks, you can see Deitrich in the crowd, despite the finger killing him earlier for having a Koran in his house. (02:04:15)

Correction: As explained in an answer to a question, this scene is shown through Evey's eyes. She is imagining Dietrich (and several others who are dead) standing there, as they are the ones V fought and died for.


Corrected entry: When Evey is being led into V's torture cell, she is being supported by two persons, one on each shoulder. Assuming one is V, the identity/existence of the assistant is never mentioned/revealed, and the movie implies V works alone. It is acknowledged that the two-person carry perhaps keeps the audience in suspense as to the identity of the kidnapper, and actually improved the movie in that regard (being carried by one and only one person might have been a clue as to V being the kidnapper).

Correction: The movie never implies V works entirely alone. In fact, it shows just the opposite when V requests Evey's assistance on several occasions. It's logical enough the V could have employed the assistance of someone else (perhaps another person who V saved) to help carry out Evey's "cleansing." This was probably the same person who cut her hair, since she is in a fully lit room at the time.

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Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when chief inspector Finch is looking out his window in the morning he mutters "It's your big day, are you ready for it." However, that morning was November the fourth, not the fifth.(v was planning his revolution on the fifth.

Correction: At midnight on the fifth, to be exact. Which means anything that's left to be done must be done on the fourth, making it a very big day for V indeed.

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Corrected entry: When Evie is reading the 'toilet paper story', its writer reveals that she "was born in Nottingham in 1985" and later that she "passed her 11+". The 11+ was an old school test to determine which children went to grammar school, and was abolished long before the mid-1990s, when she would have taken it.

Correction: There are certain regions in the UK where educational streaming is still practiced today. The 11-plus test still exists in those areas.

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Corrected entry: Stephen Rea, who plays Finch, seems to have a bit of trouble keeping his accents straight: at several points in the film, most notably during V's takeover of the Jordan Tower when he says "Cover these elevators," he slips from an English accent into his natural Irish accent.

Correction: It's mentioned later in the film that he's Irish and that there's something that he's ashamed of about it, so it's entirely in character that he'd affect an English accent that he might slip out of in times of stress.

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Evey: My father used to tell me that artists use lies to tell the truth while politicans use them to cover the truth up.
V: A man after my own heart.



As V attacks all of Creedy's men with his knives, in one shot he cuts one man's neck, and blood sprays onto the man's face, but in the next shot as the man falls, his face is clean.



In the scene where Evey gets her hair cut, it was Natalie Portman's real hair they cut. They had only one shot to capture that scene, and everybody was quite nervous if the scene would turn out usable.