V for Vendetta

Trivia: In the scene where Evey gets her hair cut, it was Natalie Portman's real hair they cut. They had only one shot to capture that scene, and everybody was quite nervous if the scene would turn out usable.

Ronnie Bischof

Trivia: When V is trying to get to the subway train he drags himself along the tile wall because he is injured. Look at the wall and you'll see a 'V' in blood.

Maria Santos

Trivia: The scene with the dominoes was achieved completely physically. Weijers Domino Productions from the Netherlands took three days to set up 22 000 dominoes for the scene and actually had to do it twice because of issues with the camera angles the first time around.

Jedd Jong

Trivia: The flashback in which V escapes from the flaming Larkhill facility was done in-camera with CG only for touchups because of cost issues. Stuntman Chad Stahelski wore only a G-string and cooling gel to protect him from the flames while performing the stunt.

Jedd Jong

Trivia: Allegedly most of the books in V's Shadow Gallery are actually pulp romance novels, fishing manuals and technical journals, hence why they're all arranged so none of the spines are visible.

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