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Corrected entry: In the scene where "V" visits Dr. Delia Surridge at her residence, "V" informs Delia that he has administered her with a poison. Presumably this is the same poison "V" administered to his previous victims that causes them to vomit before they die. We watch Delia die, as well as see her dead body after "V" leaves and Inspector Finch arrives. We, however, do not see Delia vomit before dying, or find any vomit near her on her bed after she has died, although all the rest of "V"s previous poisoned victims have had assumingly vomited before they died.

Correction: "Presumably this is the same?" They had "assumingly vomited"? There is too much assumption here for this to be valid. There is absolutely nothing to suggest V used the same poison on Dr. Surridge as he did on the others, so it is just as likely that he used a different, "gentler" poison.


Corrected entry: When Evey goes back to V's house to dance on November 4th, she still has the bruise and cut from being hit with the gun a year before.

Matt Lynch

Correction: She does not. She only has a scar.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film V and Evie kiss. One can see that there is a mouth hole in the mask. After he gets in the final fight with the group of men with guns, he comes back to Evie. As he is on the ground there is a blood mark on the mask and one can see that the mouth hole is now closed.

willy martinez

Correction: It is just the angle of the shots that make it look closed.

Matt Lynch

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, as Creedy and his men shoot V, V stumbles backwards as they shoot, and in one shot V's hat flies off, into his hand, yet in the very next shot it is back on.

Hamster Premium member

Correction: When he is crouching after being shot, you can see him putting it back on.

Matt Lynch

Corrected entry: The film seems to confuse England and Britain. Sutler and Prothero refer to England a lot when they're making national broadcasts, implying that England is now a separate country, but organisations still have British in front of them (e.g. British Television Network), implying that the UK is still united.

Correction: This is an utterly unfounded statement. The film never spells out the political situation in the country at the time, so the corrector has no way to state that this is just prejudice on the part of the characters (and indeed displays prejudice of their own by doing so).


Corrected entry: Sutler is supposed to come to power in our future (after 2015), but in the scenes of the riots that take place at the time the police still wear tunics and no body armour - British police officers have worn body armour for some time now and haven't worn tunics except on formal occasions for years. These scenes appear to actually be stock news footage, but the anachronism is still glaring.

Correction: This is a created world not our world. I don't think the government is killing off hundreds of thousands of people like they show in the movie so why would their police wear the same uniform?

Corrected entry: V tells Evey that he had gotten the papers from from a woman named Valerie while he was in the camp. He leaves the camp after the 'accident' with the entire place in flames. How is it though, that he left there with the papers if the entire place, including his body, was in flames?

Correction: V never says that what is passed to Evey in the cell is the original letter. He must have read it several times and simply rewrote it by memory.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film we see V put his mask on from his perspective. There are no screens in the eyeholes. Yet several times throughout the film we see that the mask has screens in both eyeholes.

Correction: The mask never had clothed eyeholes as shown when V took out the mask and smashed it on a mirror. It is likely V wears a black cloth mask over his head before putting his mask on.

Corrected entry: V is supposed to be solely responsible for Evey's entire interrogation process. However, in the scene where Evey is getting her head shaved, it is quite visible under the transparent latex gloves that the hands belonging to the person holding the clippers are not discolored and burnt like V's which were visible earlier in the movie.

Correction: Since the room is brightly lit and she would've seen V's face or mask, it's likely he hired someone to shave her head.


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