Factual error: When Dana first arrives at her apartment building, you can see a view of her getting ready to cross the street the front door from above, and the demon dog statue's head is in the shot, looking down. If that building is as high as they make it out to be, the distance between the dog, which is on the roof, and the street would be a lot more than it is in the shot. You probably wouldn't even be able to see Dana from that height. (00:16:50)

Factual error: The newspapers in the 'rise to success' montage have all the dates wrong; Usa Today says Tuesday October 8, 1984 (it was a Monday), New York Post says Thursday October 22 (it was a Monday). The USA Today also has a headline "Thin Man dies" which refers to William Powell's death, in March, and the Globe cites "Princess Di expecting again!", which was announced in February (but the fake mag is dated October). (Note; the USA Today details are in the left column and need you to pause, but the others don't - you can also find perfect reproductions of the prop online). (00:39:30)

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Factual error: Walter Peck in his slimy handshake introduces himself; "I represent the Enviromental Protection Agency, the third district." The EPA has no 'districts' (NY's in Region 2). (00:46:15)

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Factual error: When Mr. Peck comes to the Ghostbusters' building with the police and Con Ed, the NYPD captain is wearing a light blue shirt. All NYPD officers Lieutenant and above wear white shirts. Only patrolmen and sergeants wore the light blue shirt. (01:05:10)

Factual error: At the very end of the movie, Ray is telling Louis about the Tunguska Blast of 1909, but the famous blast actually occurred in 1908. Given his oft-demonstrated levels of knowledge, he'd know better. (01:37:38)

Continuity mistake: After the library scene, while the three scientists are walking and talking, a woman in a striped blue and yellow sweater passes by Egon, but disappears in the immediate next angle. (00:21:35)

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Question: The music video for Ray Parker Jr's hit song features several celebrities who lip-sync to the word "Ghostbusters". Is there a complete list of all the celebrities in the video?

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