Audio problem: Running away from the 'bear', Tully shouts the humorous line; "I'm gonna to bring this up at the next tenants' meeting...there's not supposed to be any pets in the building." However, look at Rick Moranis' face; his lips are not moving and the line was dubbed over. (00:54:10)

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Audio problem: When the Archbishop says "How are you, Lenny?" to the Mayor in his office, his lips don't match what he is saying. (01:15:55)

Revealing mistake: When Dana is "strapped" to the chair and pulled into the kitchen, you can clearly see the track in the floor upon which the chair is riding. (00:51:50)

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Suggested correction: Can you really, though? I rewatched the scene on BD, I could post screenshots of the scene, and there are no tracks in the floor, simply the line of separation between tiles.

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Trivia: The brief dream-scene in which Ray appears to receive oral sex from an attractive female spirit was originally part of a much larger sequence, but it was removed for both time and ratings reasons.

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Question: I heard that Ron Jeremy had a walk on part in this film, does anyone know in which scene he is in?

Answer: Ron Jeremy can be seen in the crowd outside the firehouse right after the containment unit is shut off.

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