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Corrected entry: The scene where Ethan Hawke is laying on his stomach with those metal rings on his legs to make him taller (its called an Ilizerov Device) on the floor is impossible. He would have to get down on his knees and then lay down. His knees couldn't touch the floor with those things on, let alone the fact that the pressure on the devices would have been too much to handle. How do I know this? I wore the identical devices on both my legs for 10 months, and never once laid on my back the entire time. (00:27:20)

Correction: It is possible to wear the Ilizerov Device and lie on your stomach. (I thought he was on his back) Very uncomfortable, and painful, but possible. I've done it - it just takes a lot of effort to get there. (WHY he's lying on his back on the hardwood foor, I don't know.) Also this is a world where genetic engineering and DNA testing is done as a matter of course, so I think that painkillers and antibiotics (Infection is one of th biggest risks to a Ilizerov device.) are a bit more advanced than they are now, so it's possible that he's not suffering the ill-effects that are suffered today.

Corrected entry: When Jerome (Vincent) is telling Irene that he is a "God child" and says "mine is already 10,000 beats overdue" referring to his heart. Even for a super athlete, whose heart only beats 10 beat per minute, that's 1000 minutes of extra life. That's only 16 hours - less than a single day. Maybe it should have been 10-million beats. (01:26:00)

Correction: Saying his is 10000 beats overdue is not supposed to be literal. She's simply saying that what genetics has determined to be his death (30.2 or something) is wrong, and he's lived longer then expected.

Corrected entry: Before the party, Vincent puts the blood packet on his index finger, but when stopped in the tunnel, he uses his middle finger to give the sample. (01:00:25)

Correction: With the constant risk of being stopped for random testing by police or his employers, it is not unlikely that Vincent wears more than one blood pack, and on different fingers.


Corrected entry: The morning after Vincent sleeps with Irene, she asks about the scars on his legs. Vincent invents a story claiming that he was run over by a '99 Chrysler LeBaron. The Chrysler LeBaron was phased out in 1993 and the convertible line production ended in 1995.

Correction: If he's inventing a story to explain scars on his leg, it doesn't matter if he says it was a car that didn't exist - the accident itself didn't exist. The only risk is that she might know this piece of trivia, which is doubtful.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the 12 fingered pianist plays his piece, Uma Thurman says to Ethan Hawke that the piece can only be played with 12 fingers, which is totally false considering it was a Schubert Impromptu, which was written for 10-fingered people. (00:59:15)

Correction: True, it is but if you listen carefully you will notice notes have been added to the tune meaning that you would have to have an extended 6 fingered hand to reach those notes while playing. the production team did a great job of blending them in.

Actually, the track would be likely impossible for any two handed person to play, due to the spacing of the added voices. Plus, if it could be done with twelve fingers, it could probably be done with ten.

Visible crew/equipment: When Ethan Hawke is picking out a suit and shoes, you see a distinct hand on the left side of the closet holding up what must be a false wall. (00:33:25)

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Jerome: We have to get drunk immediately.

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Trivia: One of the biggest themes in this film is DNA and how it can be used (and misused) to give information about people. It's interesting that the name 'Gattaca' is spelled using only the letters which stand for the four nucleotide bases which comprise DNA: guanine, adenine, thymine, and cytosine. The word GATTACA looks like a short sequence of DNA.

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Question: How exactly does the device that Vincent uses on his legs to make him taller work?

Answer: The leg bones are fractured completely across, at a location between the rings of the device. Thereafter, while the bones are knitting back together, the device is periodically adjusted to drag the bones away from each other a fraction of an inch. The bones continue to grow toward each other to close the gap, gradually lengthening. It is an astoundingly painful way to add height.

Rooster of Doom

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