War of the Worlds

Visible crew/equipment: In Mary Ann's kitchen, just as Ray comments, "Ok, well you hungry? I'll get you some food," the clear reflection of a male crewmember moving around is visible in the glass window behind Ray. Then just as he says, "This is ketchup and mustard," another older male crewmember is visible directly in front of Rachel's reflection. (00:35:45)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Ray and Ogilvy play tug-of-war with the gun, as the aliens rummage around the cellar, Ogilvy finally pulls it away from Ray. In the next close-up of Ogilvy and his gun, the boom mic dips down for a moment, but it's gone in Ogilvy's next close-up. (01:28:15)

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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene when Ray is fleeing Mary Ann's destroyed home in the van. Right before he says "Robbie, get in." You can see a cameraman in the reflection of the van, right before it stops.

Visible crew/equipment: After the ferry disaster, and close call with the car, the trio are underwater swimming up towards the surface. When Robbie turns his head to the side the regulator in his mouth is visible. (01:03:45)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Robbie gets out of Tim's car there are two of the crew's chalk marks on the sidewalk – one long blue line in front of Ray and an orange arrow near the trunk of the car. They are gone when Rachel leaves the car. (00:05:00)

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Visible crew/equipment: After the plane has crashed Ray walks out of the house and towards the aircraft engine, as he walks behind the engine and before he comes from behind the engine, look at the right and to the rear of the engine, you will see a crew member move out of shot.

Visible crew/equipment: During the ferry disaster, while Ray, Robbie and Rachel are in the water, when the car heads toward them a vertical cable is visible at the left side of the car, beside the side view mirror. (01:03:30)

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Visible crew/equipment: When the first ship is beginning to emerge from the ground, we see a shot of two men on top of a swaying scissor lift, notice in the close-up there is nothing between them. When the shot cuts to a wide view, a camera covered by tarps appears between the two men.

Visible crew/equipment: When Tom Cruise comes back in off the street covered in ash, he slumps down by the refrigerator and very quickly the boom mic falls down into shot almost hitting Tom on the head.

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Visible crew/equipment: As Ray drives and Rachel screams, the camera crew and equipment are reflected in the window.

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Ray: They came from someplace else.
Robbie: What do you mean, like, Europe?
Ray: No, Robbie, not like Europe!



On the ferry, Rachel wears the purple/pink camouflage hoodie over her orange knit sweater with the colorful stripe sleeves, as usual. Now this is where things become strange. In the first shot as the trio come ashore, she is only wearing her orange sweater, she is not wearing the purple/pink hoodie - note the clear lack of fur hood. In the very next shot as they climb a bit more and then rest, Rachel is wearing the purple/pink hoodie - note the hood, but now it's on under her orange sweater. In the underwater shots she is also wearing it under the orange sweater. (This odd mistake has absolutely nothing to do with the very long wool cloak that Rachel wears in the next scene).



Gene Barry and Ann Robinson, stars of the 1953 version of this movie, make a small cameo in this movie as Mary Ann's parents. You can see them at the end when the whole family is reunited.