War of the Worlds

Rachel (Dakota Fanning)) and Ray (Tom Cruise) get found by a tripod in the basement. They both get captured by it and are held in a metal holding pen with many other survivours. They soon discover that the tripod is intending on devouring them. It tries to take Ray but he gets pulled out by the others and he spits out two pins of the grenades he found earlier. The grenades destroy the tripod from the inside and the remaining survivors escape to Boston to discover that the tripods are dying for unknown reasons. They encounter one last tripod but the army blows it up because it no longer has a force field. Finally Rachel and Ray make it to where Rachel's mother is staying and they find that no one is hurt and by some miraculous event Robbie is there. In the closing scene we are told that the aliens were doomed from the beginning because they weren't immune to Earth's micro organisms; humans earned the right to live on Earth because many died before we were immunized.

Hazax of Rodmore

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