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Prince Colwyn: Who are you?
Ynyr: I am Ynyr.
Prince Colwyn: The old one?
Ynyr: Well, not as old as all that.
Prince Colwyn: You've come down from the Granite Mountains?
Ynyr: Yes. I'm needed now.

The Beast: I will allow you to go wherever you please within these walls. For this is the palace from which you will rule this world and countless others. You cannot escape me. You will be my queen.

Ynyr: We three will go on. The rest will remain here.
Ergo: We four will go on. I'm not staying behind with these criminals.

Ynyr: I seek the widow.
Lyssa Widow of the Web: Enter here, and die.

Ynyr: In the fortress you will need more than men and swords. You will need the power of the glave.

The Beast: You have been brought here for a marriage. I am the king you will choose.

Torquil: Only the king and his lord marshall have the keys to these manicles. You don't look like the lord marshall.
Prince Colwyn: No.
Torquil: You look about the right age to be Turold's son.
Prince Colwyn: Exact age.

Ergo: He marches us towards a solid face of rock. The man has raisins in his braincase.

Continuity mistake: At the wedding ceremony, Prince Colwyn extinguishes his flame inside the basin of water. However in the next shot his baton is aflame again even though he only just put the fire out.

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