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Seer: Here is the knowledge you seeeeeekkkk.

Torquil: I don't kill men without good reason.
Prince Colwyn: Nor do I. And be thankful for it.

Lyssa Widow of the Web: These are the sands of my life. Accept them and the spider will have no power to harm you. But your own life runs out with the sand.
Ynyr: But what about your life?
Lyssa Widow of the Web: I give it to the girl who bears my name.

Ynyr: I came to find a king, and I find a boy instead.

Eirig: We sent to you for help.
Turold: None came.
Eirig: Twenty men were dispatched to you.
Turold: We lost three hundred getting here.
Eirig: I didn't choose this marriage, Turold.
Turold: Nor did I Eirig.
Prince Colwyn: I chose it. Your daughter chose it. It'll be done.
Eirig: Can you lead this army with mine against the slayers?
Prince Colwyn: Whatever army I have I'll lead against them. Till I've won, or am dead.

Ergo: Where are my papers? Blast, I must really get organized one of these days.

Turold: From this day, my kingdom is no more.
Eirig: Nor mine.
Turold: A single kingdom under our children.
Eirig: Agreed.

Princess Lyssa: My father says that good fighters make bad husbands.
Prince Colwyn: Well, that depends.
Princess Lyssa: On what?
Prince Colwyn: On whether you expect a husband to follow you around. Jump every time you clap your hands.
Princess Lyssa: Wouldn't you jump for me? No of course not. You're a warrior.

Prince Colwyn: The forest is not safe. You best travel with us.
Ergo: Me travel with you? Do you know who I am?
Prince Colwyn: No.
Ergo: I am Ergo the magnificent. Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose and wide of vision. And I do not travel with peasants and beggars. Goodbye.

Titch: We're in sight of the trees, brother.
Seer: He who seeks the knowledge must lead me. No one else may approach.

Ynyr: Do not use it until you need it.
Prince Colwyn: How will I know when?
Ynyr: You'll know.

Ynyr: There are kingly virtues other than bravery. Courtesy is one of them.

Torquil: Silence! You're surrounded by a hundred men.
Prince Colwyn: A hundred is not enough.
Torquil: Well what have we here? A fighter?
Prince Colwyn: Besides you're short by about ninety men.

Prince Colwyn: Would you follow a king to the black fortress?
Torquil: Now I know you're a lunatic. I wouldn't follow me own father to the black fortress.

Ergo: You are his queen?
Princess Lyssa: Yes.
Ergo: Then we've won.
Princess Lyssa: Yes.
Ergo: Oh boy, I should have stuck to puppies.

Ergo: Wait! Wait for me. I've just remembered, I have urgent business in this direction.
Prince Colwyn: What business?
Ergo: Staying alive.

Prince Colwyn: Lyssa.
Ynyr: She's alive.
Prince Colwyn: Where?
Ynyr: Stay still.
Prince Colwyn: Where?
Ynyr: For now, beyond your reach.

Prince Colwyn: Who are you?
Ynyr: I am Ynyr.
Prince Colwyn: The old one?
Ynyr: Well, not as old as all that.
Prince Colwyn: You've come down from the Granite Mountains?
Ynyr: Yes. I'm needed now.

The Beast: I will allow you to go wherever you please within these walls. For this is the palace from which you will rule this world and countless others. You cannot escape me. You will be my queen.

Ynyr: We three will go on. The rest will remain here.
Ergo: We four will go on. I'm not staying behind with these criminals.

Continuity mistake: At the wedding ceremony, Prince Colwyn extinguishes his flame inside the basin of water. However in the next shot his baton is aflame again even though he only just put the fire out.

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