Four Rooms

The Missing Ingredient - One of the witches has sex with Ted, his sperm being the missing ingredient to their spell. They cast the spell and the goddess Diana is resurrected.The Wrong Man - Ted eventually escapes the room and passes someone in the hallway asking for Room 409, the very same room he was just in. It turns out that "someone" is the Theodore the woman's husband was looking for.The Misbehavers - The smell in the room is from a woman's dead body stuffed inside the mattress. Ted comes into the room, sees the corpse and throws up. The boy lights a cigarette and drops it on the floor, setting the room ablaze. As Antonio Banderas (the father) walks into the room, his son is smoking, his daughter has the bottle of champagne in her hand, there's porn on the TV and Ted is holding the corpse by the ankle.The Man From Hollywood - Chester Rush (Quentin Tarantino) pays Ted $1000 if he'll wield the hatchet. He agrees. Norman (Paul Calderon) fails to light his Zippo on the first go, Ted chops his finger off, swipes the money off the bar and strolls nonchalantly to the elevator as the credits roll.

Visible crew/equipment: In this shot, Tim Roth is talking on the phone. In the background over his left shoulder you can see a crew member walk across the background. This takes place over about 4-6 frames on the DVD. (01:06:20)

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Ted the Bellhop: I'm coming up and if there isn't a dead body by the time I get there, I'll make one myself. You.

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