Four Rooms

Correction: Character mistake. He wasn't keeping track of time. Bruce Willis was, but it is very possible he let Tantino's character go 22 seconds over the time limit to let Chester (Tarantino) finish his sell. Remember, Leo (Bruce Willis) was also very excited to get the bet underway, so he cheated a little to give Chester more time to convince Ted to "be the diceman".

Corrected entry: On the poster for the movie, Madonna's hair is red. In the movie, it is blonde. Also Marisa Tomei is dressed up nicely with blonde hair on the poster. However, in the film she plays a vacant, staring brunette wearing lay-around-the-house type stuff.

Correction: Posters aren't part of the film's continuity. This non-mistake should be junked, or at least be trivia.


Corrected entry: In "The Misbehavers," when Ted comes back to the room with milk and saltines, he takes the champagne bottle away, but several shots later, the little girl is drinking from the champagne bottle.

Correction: Actually the girl picks up and entirely different bottle of alcohol the bottle she picks up is a bottle of Vermouth, the main ingredient in a Martini.


Corrected entry: In the scene with the misbehaving children, the young girl asks her brother for a room number to call so she can ask if they have needles. The brother gives the room number 409, but the people who answer (from the previous scene) were in room 404.

Correction: Ted do go into room 409. He thinks it's because the 9 has fallen off the door.

Corrected entry: When Ted is in the room with Sigfried, the phone rings with someone asking if they have needles. The phone conversation is the exact one as when the "misbehaver" calls room 4-0-9. Ted turns up less than a minute later with milk and saltines for the "misbehavers". How could that be....he was in the room with Sigfried?

Correction: When Ted leaves room 409 the drunk party goer enters and we hear Sigfried begin the whole act again "Hello Theodore". It is entirely possible that they put the whole thing on and lured people into the room for a laugh.


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Elspeth: If she doesn't have his goop in ten minutes, I'm going to go in there and get it myself.
Jezebel: That would be a first for you.

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