Flight of the Navigator

Trivia: Joey Cramer sadly grew up to have problems with the law. He was jailed for possessing drugs in 2008, and jailed again in 2016 for a bank robbery.


Trivia: While he's in his his room at the NASA base, David asks when "Starsky and Hutch" will be broadcast. Director Randal Kleiser also directed Starsky and Hutch (1975).


Trivia: Early in the film when they arrive home the Grease song 'You're The One That I Want' is playing on the radio in David's parents' car. Director Randal Kleiser also directed Grease.


Trivia: The small friendly Puckmarin alien was designed to resemble a bat.


Trivia: Director Randal Kleiser was roommates with George Lucas when they were both studying at USC.


Trivia: The film featured cutting edge CGI created using a Super Foonly computer, which would often break down and lose work.


Trivia: The ship was later an exhibit in the Backlot Tour at Disney World Florida.


Trivia: A Norwegian production company, Viking Film, financed a third of the film, and shooting took place in an aircraft hanger near Oslo for the spaceship scenes and in the north of the country for the glacier scenes.


Continuity mistake: As David and the ship are leaving the NASA hanger, the straps that are holding the ship down start to break. From the shot outside the ship, you can plainly see the straps hanging on the front off the ship, but from inside the ship looking out the front "viewscreen" you see a clear picture, with no straps obstructing the view.


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Max: I do not leak, you leak.

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Question: Paul Ruebens does the voice of Max but why in the credits does it say that the voice of Max was done by Paul Mall?

Answer: According to IMDB, Paul Mall is just another one of his names people know him by.

Sir William

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