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Corrected entry: Max picks up a radio station playing Beach Boys. At the speed the craft was moving, they would have gone out of range of the transmitter within a few seconds of tuning in.

Correction: For FM stations, the signal, which is line of sight, extends virtually forever (it is a light wave after all). It's the receivers that are limited in picking up the transmitted signal. But Max has advanced technology, and is in a higher position, to pick up the continuing signal. AM signals behave differently and aren't line of sight, but Max would still have the technology and positioning to pick up these transmitted signals above normal receivers.


Corrected entry: When Max takes David underwater to escape Nasa's radar, David is apparently thrown backward into the pilot's chair at the moment Max hits the water. In reality, Max should have been slowed by contact with the water causing David to be thrown forward. (00:57:35)


Correction: The ship didn't slow at all. David jumped back in his seat, startled by the sudden submergence and bracing himself for a rough impact that never came.


Corrected entry: When David stops at the gas station to call his family, he puts several coins into the pay phone. Yet when his brother answers, an operator asks if he will accept charges for a collect call.

Correction: At the GAS station he puts one coin in the phone then dials 0 to speak to the operator to make the reverse charge call.

Corrected entry: In most of the scenes with the ship's door, it blends in with the rest of the hull when it is closed. But when the ship descends at the Freeman's new house near the end of the movie, the closed door's outline is plainly visible.

Correction: That's because the door is open. Look closely, and you will see that the door has been opened as it is landing.


Corrected entry: When David asks Max to take them where "they can't find us" Max diverts into the sea; upon impact David launches back into his seat. When you hit something you normally head towards the impact.

Correction: David wasn't 'launching' back into his seat due to the collision. He was recoiling in fright as they were heading straight into the sea.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: In the scene where the boy is eating a candy bar in the shuttle, one minute there are bites in the chocolate bar, in the next it's intact.

Correction: He never actually takes a bite out of the candy bar.

Corrected entry: When Farraday questions David about how the alien craft is powered, a computer screen in the background begins scrolling down the alien text before Farraday has finished his question.

Correction: This "mistake" has already been addressed in the "corrected entry" section. The computer is super intelligent and has already anticipated the question.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: When Farraday questions David about how the craft is powered, the computer in the background spills the alien text before Farraday has finished his question.

Correction: Not necessarily a mistake - the ship is extremely intelligent (it can control David's mind), it might have anticipated what Farraday was going to ask.

Corrected entry: David tells the police in the car that the date is in 1979, but near the end he wants to be taken back to 1978.

Correction: He never says "1979." He says "1978."


Continuity mistake: Throughout the film, especially inside the spaceship when its flying, the boy's hair goes from short to long in fact he is at least 6 months to a year older facially too.

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Carolyn McAdams: You know, you're cute. Did a girl ever tell you that before?
David Freeman: Nobody but my mom, but I don't think she counts.


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Trivia: The small friendly Puckmarin alien was designed to resemble a bat.


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Question: Even though it's not technically indicated in the film, I always wondered if the young blonde lady watching the spaceship shown for a few seconds in 1986 just before David returned to 1978 was Jennifer (the 12-year-old girl David had a crush on in 1978). She looks roughly 20 years old now herself and I thought that could be her just to show what she looks like now (maybe there was a deleted scene with her in it). Was this a correct assumption?

Answer: I can't directly answer this, but I was watching this movie just now, and didn't take in the girl at the beginning's (Jennifer's) name, so when Sarah Jessica Parker, Carolyn, appeared I then spent the rest of the movie assuming that she was going to turn out to be the girl he was crushing on in 1978, especially when Carolyn even told him he was cute (which is kind of a weird thing for a 20-year old to say to a 12-year-old if there isn't a plot reason for it). I do wonder if that was in fact the originally intended idea that was changed for whatever reason before the movie was completed, and if perhaps he was meant to go back to 1978 with the knowledge that she found him cute and therefore a new-found confidence to ask 12 year-old her out.


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